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Amazon FBA Brand in the Pillow Covers & Other Home Decor Category – 20,000+ 4.5-5 Star Product Reviews – 15 Design Patents


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business operating on Amazon in the Stylish Pillow Covers Category, an Evergreen subcategory of Home Décor that is always in need. Products are sold using Amazon FBA and there are tens of thousands of 4.5-5-star product reviews in place to provide evidence of the Brand’s popularity with consumers. Ownership recognized the enormous popularity of the global Home Décor market, which was valued at $737 billion in 2021 and is projected to continue growing by 6.6% in the next few years. A significant part of that demand is for bedroom and living room furniture and décor desired by homeowners eager to renovate and improve the look and feel of their most important areas for relaxation and comfort.

The company offers 72 different products on Amazon with an Average Order Value of $19. The company has done an excellent job investing in high quality product and lifestyle images for the products. The present well on Amazon and their product reviews help them rank well for their Category. They currently have a Top 5 BSR in their category. This kind of marketplace real estate is very difficult to achieve – just the ranking alone makes this a very value company. They effectively use paid media on Amazon (Sponsored Ads), which has helped both increase their customer base and rank.

An advocate of comfortable home textiles. Launched 9 years ago, the company set out to provide attractive decorative products that would enhance the comfort of their customers homes, offering tablecloths, table runners, curtains and pillowcases, the latter of which have become their top selling SKU. The pillowcases are manufactured directly for this brand, based on their designs and styles, and sold under their brand name.

Their products have become particularly popular with women between the ages of 20 and 50, who have praised these covers online for their look, feel, and quality, and how they fit in perfectly at their home. To appeal to those customers, the company controls the production of each item and has always selected skin-friendly material to ensure the covers feel soft and delicate. The covers are made with fabrics that are strong and durable, and come in a variety of designs. That includes customized products, Christmas and holiday pillow covers, and selections by unique material, themes and patterns.

Amazon works exceptional well as a platform. The company has a Shopify website that directs customers to their Amazon page, which includes their many SKUs, and thousands of positive reviews. Amazon has proven to be the ideal platform for this company. They maintain a 100% positive Seller Rating, and the vast majority of their orders are conveniently and quickly shipped through Fulfillment By Amazon. Sales remain steady throughout the year; they peak in the winter months around the holidays when their SKUs become popular gift items.

The company has been given an Amazon’s Choice badge for certain keywords associated with their category, and they operate on Seller Central. The company takes full advantage of Amazon’s marketing tools, using PPC ads on the site to expand their customer base and attract new buyers. The highly enthusiastic reviews from their customers have been a strong selling point as well.

Because of how quickly new orders come in, the company maintains $300,000 in inventory levels throughout the year, and new inventory orders are placed once a week.

The business is turnkey and easy to operate. So many of the company’s daily functions are handled by Amazon that the current owner spends just 10 hours per week operating the business, often focusing exclusively on strategizing for future growth.

The owner has 12 employees who handle daily operations, including four eCommerce operators, two designers, two workers who handle sourcing, two overseeing the marketing, one managing finances and an office administrator. The team is available to stay in place to continue managing the company post-acquisition.

Customer service inquiries are handled by Amazon FBA.
In addition to not requiring a major workload of the new owner, this company has clear scale opportunities that could send profits skyrocketing. The brand’s 15 patented designs are now registered in the U.S., Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, and the company has excellent brand awareness.

That would enable the company to take advantage of Amazon’s other foreign platforms, including in Australia, Mexico, the Middle East and other parts of the European union.

The company could also expand its sales platforms. That would include adding sales onto their Shopify website and making their listings available on a host of other popular sales platforms such as Walmart, Target, eBay and Etsy.

This company has built up its loyal following thanks to its understanding of the textile industry and what appeals to buyers, and there are new products that are now in development that this company is gearing up to roll out. Their future looks as bright as a newly decorated and renovated bedroom.

Contact Website Closers today to find out how this business comes with recurring revenues, a strong customer base, stunningly high reviews, and a great future for growth.

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Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 620,000
Gross Income
$ 5,596,867
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