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Amazon FBA Brand in the Unique Gift Boxes Category – Great for Holidays, Birthdays & Special Occasions – $65 AOV – 7 SKUs – Very easy to Transition


Website Closers® presents an FBA-based brand that’s been a true gift to their customers since they were first launched. Their seven SKUs are made up of whimsical gift boxes that are perfect for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, and are well-crafted and versatile enough that customers can easily find one that’s perfect for their needs and their intended recipient. These qualities have given them an impressive Average Order Value of $65.74, and the multiple trademarks the company has accrued have let them build up a strong reputation within their industry.

The gift box market was valued at roughly $1.6 billion globally in 2022, and it is predicted to grow by a CAGR of 6.5% to reach an impressive $2.6 billion by 2030. Gift boxes are a convenient way to spruce up a present before handing it over, adding to the thrill of opening it and seeing what surprise waits inside. Gift boxes are also a product that sees demand regardless of the season, as while they see great interest during the holiday season, they are also used for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

The company’s financials reflect this, as they see consistent revenue throughout the year. Their average customer is a woman between the ages of 35 and 44 that earns between $75k and $100k every year. However, they still see plenty of interest from other demographics, as the nature of their products means that they can be used by just about anyone who might have an interest in giving a thoughtful present to acquaintances and loved ones alike.

Though they have a Shopify website that they sell from, most of their sales come from their popular Amazon storefront, on which they easily have hundreds of reviews testifying to just how much their recipients enjoyed the boxes. The company uses an FBA model to handle all of their fulfillment, with products shipped FOB to their 3PL, then dripped into Amazon as needed. Their inventory model saves them a substantial amount of money on inventory and warehousing costs, which gives them more funds to use towards the development of new product ideas and improving other aspects of the business.

The simple nature of the business means that no employees or virtual assistants are required to assist the owners. The owners themselves also enjoy a minimal workload of roughly 4 hours per week total, which will give the buyer no shortage of time to be used as they see fit: whether they’d rather enjoy the business as is to focus on other ventures, or instead prioritize scaling to get the most they can out of this excellent acquisition.

If the buyer has an interest in scaling the brand, however, they will find that they’re in a great place to set about doing so. The company already has several new SKUs that are waiting in the pipeline, and once released, are bound to add a boost to their profit in little time at all. The buyer can then use that momentum to come up with new product ideas to release or expand on their existing offerings in a way that meets customer demand.

Additionally, implementing a subscription box model would be a very interesting avenue to explore, as it would let them take advantage of Amazon’s improved capabilities with subscriptions. They could use existing products for these subscriptions, as well as other niches that could be expanded into.

The company could also expand in a more literal sense by establishing storefronts on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and other similar websites. They have already been accepted to be a seller on, which, given the site’s high selectivity in what brands they sell, is an outstanding opportunity that’s waiting to be utilized by the buyer.

These new sites would let the buyer diversify the brand’s revenue and make their products more accessible to consumers who might prefer other online marketplaces over Amazon. The company can also use their great reputation on Amazon to pursue international expansion, as the site’s global channels have massive consumer bases that could be tapped into. The UK, EU, CA, and MX are all highly promising options to pursue, and the company’s products are more than versatile enough to accommodate potential growth in these markets.

It would also be worth improving the brand’s advertising strategy, as it would not only draw attention towards any new storefronts that they establish, but also draw a wave of new potential buyers to the brand as a whole. One of the best ways they could do so would use social media, as by featuring customer reactions and testimonials, they could showcase the appeal of their products in a more natural setting. They could also use social media to announce deals or discuss the latest holiday, and supplement with paid advertisements to make them even more effective.

They might also wish to partner with influencers, as they typically have large audiences whom they can market the products to. Hearing influencers offer glowing recommendations of the brand might also prompt new customers to leave more of their own, and by leveraging Helium 10 to automatically request reviews, the company can further strengthen their reputation and appeal to potential buyers.

The exiting Shopify website would benefit from some attention from the buyer, as it could prove to be a very promising source of revenue with the right focus. They could implement an SEO campaign to improve their search rankings, and possibly create a blog dedicated to holidays and special events to appeal to their consumers. This move would increase conversions, and likely lengthen their email list so they can better make use of it through marketing and newsletters.

This is a great turn-key business that’s based in a lucrative niche and can be shaped to meet whatever needs the new owner has. An ambitious buyer can make great use of all the opportunities available to them, and with both an average product rating of 4.7 stars and a 100% positive seller feedback rating, it’s clear that there would be many customers eager to see what moves the brand makes in the future.

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WC 3074

Asking Price
$ 990,000
Cash Flow
$ 295,356
Gross Income
$ 1,690,574
Year Established