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Amazon FBA Brand selling Maternity Belts for Expectant Mothers – 4,200+ Reviews on Amazon


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has grown quickly in three years targeting a loyal and committed customer base: pregnant moms looking for the right maternity support. Seller financing is available for this massively lucrative offering. The global maternity wear market is valued at $18.3 billion and projected to continue growing with the increasing focus on pregnancy comfort.

This business specializes in maternity belts that provide the best comfort and support for the bodily changes that expecting mothers go through. Made with the highest quality stretchable fabric, these belts provide balanced support around the woman’s waist.

This has been the company’s long-term goal, to focus on adding a variety of new SKUs within the maternity market, aimed at helping pregnant women. That includes postpartum support, belly butter, stretch mark cream, compression socks, and prenatal supplements, among many others. Since the maternity market is not a seasonal one and pregnant women makes purchases all year, this business could see skyrocketing sales once new products are added.

Launched in 2018, this business wanted to market a product that provided prenatal support to women, and that could help alleviate the back pain they often endure. Their maternity belts are sourced from manufacturers in China, and sold exclusively in the U.S. The company sells the belts on Amazon, which offers another excellent scale opportunity. Having built up a strong customer base in the United States, the company could easily expand onto Amazon’s international platforms, since maternity items have a customer base worldwide. Doing so just easily triple profits immediately, particularly if the company invested in PPC ads on each new Amazon channel.

With an average order value of $15-18, sales have gotten stronger as the company has become better known among Amazon users. The products are conveniently stocked at Amazon and shipped through Fulfillment By Amazon, and the customer base has expanded to include not just expecting mothers, but also friends and relatives of pregnant women, giving this brand a much wider reach than they started with. The company now sells to both Prime and non-Prime members, and the product has become an Amazon No. 1 Best Seller in multiple categories, including KW Pregnancy Belt, Maternity Belt and Bellyband.

Customer feedback has been very positive, based on more than 4,200+ Amazon reviews, where the company enjoys a 4.2 Seller rating. The company has been able to advertise that their belt is an exclusive doctor recommended product. Many of the company’s reviews describe the enormous relief the customer gets from wearing this belt, especially for reducing lower back aches, with more than a few customers calling it a lifesaver.

To market the belt, the company has relied on a strong presence on social media, which 2,000+ followers on Facebook, which has helped drive organic traffic to the company’s website.

The brand also has invested in PPC ads on Amazon, although that ad spend has been minimal while the resulting sales have been vibrant. The company has an informational and educational blog on their website as part of their SEO program.

Digital marketing will surely provide another excellent growth opportunity for this business. The company could scale quickly by expanding its social media campaign to other popular sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, while using video marketing on YouTube and TikTok to further expand the customer base.

The brand has the ability to increase PPC ad spend on not just Amazon but also Facebook and Google, a surefire way to generate more sales.

Another great approach to growth would be to offer a wider variety of products within the maternity market, where the focus is on clothing or accessories. The expansion beyond a single SKU could get a tremendous boost from investing in smart PPC strategies to improving the brand’s Amazon rankings but also to upsell the new products to the existing customer base. An aggressive email marketing campaign would be another way to effectively drive sales once the product line has been expanded.

While the maternity market is a highly competitive one, this brand has demonstrated a terrific ability to connect with customers organically and build a solid platform for growth opportunities. This is a finely automated business that won’t require a huge workload from a new owner.  The current owner now spends just 30 minutes a day operating the business, focusing on managing sales, marketing, inventory and checking PPC ads. The owner has no employees and uses an automated email response to handle customer service inquiries, which come in once or twice a month.

As a completely evergreen product, these maternity belts will continue to attract vibrant sales in the future, just as long as there are expecting mothers looking for support and comfort during their pregnancy. The current owner has not only recognized that and built a strong business model around it but has started outlining plans for a dramatic relaunching through a new lineup of maternity-related items. In fact, the seller is so confident in their brand that they are offering seller financing. And now, the new buyer will have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of those labors.

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