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Amazon FBA Dental Care eCommerce Brand – 50% YOY Growth – 5 Star Ratings on Amazon


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that’s experiencing tremendous growth in the niche field of oral care products, a rapidly growing market now valued at $7 billion in the U.S. Whether their goal is to get the best teeth whiteners or combat an oral infection, Americans are buying these dental care products, which has helped give this brand a phenomenal 50% year over year growth.

All of this company’s products are under their brand name, with 9 SKUs that are trademarked in the U.S. The company sells on its Amazon platform, where they maintain an awesome 5 Star Seller Rating based on more than 800 reviews. Several of their products have become top sellers, and this brand has received multiple Amazon Choice Badges. Having taken some simple and practical everyday products, the company has effectively used PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon to find their customers. The company also sells on its Shopify platform, and those sales are starting to become an increasing percentage of where customers make their purchase.

This brand has excellent scale options, including through an international expansion on Amazon’s platforms in countries outside the U.S., and by listing their SKUs on other popular eCommerce sites, which would provide more exposure to new customers.

The company could also expand its SKUs, creating variations that could include different flavors or sizes, and enhance its PPC spending to platforms such as Google Search, Google Shopping, and YouTube.

This brand was formed nearly 5 years ago as a direct-to-consumer eCommerce business marking dental and oral care products, including toothbrushes, denture adhesive cream, retainers and denture clear tablets. The goal was to find quality products with good pricing within the fast-growing oral care market. The company devoted a lot of time to research, finding products with limited competition, or those where the manufacturer was struggling to find ways to make them seem appealing online.

The brand choses its products carefully, getting samples from 4-6 manufacturers for testing. Once a manufacturer is chosen, the company creates compelling on-brand packaging and sees how the market reacts to the products. If it sells well, the product is reordered, and if it doesn’t, the brand will discontinue it. This has helped deliver sales revenue that exceeds $870,000+, impressive numbers for 9 SKUs with an  average order value of $26.55.

Their branded products are made specifically for this company, which is a registered trademark in the Oral Health Care Category. Their Denture Adhesive product makes up 60% of all sales, while the bulk toothbrushes are an additional 20%. Their typical customer is age 45 or older, with most between the age of 55-65, and 18% of sales are from repeat customers.

The company now generates 65% of its sales on Amazon, and 35% through its own Shopify site. Customer reaction has been wildly enthusiastic, with the brand maintaining a 5.0 lifetime Seller Rating on Amazon. All the brand’s SKUs are sold Prime. There is no seasonality and sales remain steady year-round. The company has proven that it can grow steadily at a rate of 32% per year. That’s due in part to their marketing strategy, which includes both product sponsored ads and brand sponsored ads, and front-end sales driven through Facebook and Instagram ads. These ads have helped lead to a rising percentage of customer rebuys every month.

There are scale opportunities available to this brand that include enhanced digital marketing. The brand does not have a blog and could use one to launch an SEO program that would boost organic traffic. The company could also use social media posts to expand the customer base and take advantage of the 8,700 names on their email database for an aggressive email marketing campaign.

There are also growth opportunities available by expanding sales, both to other eCommerce websites such as Walmart and eBay, and internationally, taking advantage of Amazon’s platforms in Canada, Europe, Mexico, and other countries. The company could also increase profits by sourcing and branding new complimentary products and then selling them, by increasing the number of SKUs, and by providing phone support for its online store, since many of their customers are older and have asked for phone support to make purchases.

The current owner now spends 8-10 hours per week running this business, with primary tasks that include managing and ordering inventory, adjusting advertising budgets, and testing new ad campaigns. The owner has one full-time employee who handles customer contacts and posts on social media. The company averages 20-30 emails per day and 2-3 direct messages on Facebook.

This company now operates smoothly and efficiently, with low overhead by relying on Fulfilled By Amazon for deliveries. It has solid recurring revenues for products that are recession-proof and used daily by millions. A new owner has an opportunity to quickly grow this company, either from digital marketing, product expansion, or launching sales internationally, and the combination of all three would likely send profits soaring. The field of oral care products is expected to see steadily increasing revenue in the coming years, which will enable this company to become a top brand leader in this field.

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