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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Anti-Aging, Beauty & Skincare Segments


Website Closers® presents an emerging leader in the lucrative field of high-end skincare. Marketing beauty serums and premium cosmetics, this company appeals to a highly receptive customer base for anti-aging products. Providing only fully branded products, this high-ranking Amazon seller has tremendous scalability.

This brand operates in the niche field of specialized skincare products and has built up a loyal audience. All products sell exceptionally well, and customers have lavished high praise on the brand, giving the company a 100% positive seller rating on its Amazon platform, which now boasts multiple Amazon Choice and Best Seller Badges.

It has taken this creative business just 12 months to reach this lofty position, which puts the company in a phenomenal place to experience rapid growth and deliver even stronger ROIs.

Operating entirely on Amazon, this brand leverages a seamless model of efficiency. With products manufactured by a trusted and reliable supplier in India and delivered through Fulfillment by Amazon in the US, providing exceptionally low sourcing costs as profit margins continue to soar. The company’s rapid-fire success means there are simple – yet effective – methods for immeasurable scale. These opportunities include expanding sales internationally on Amazon’s foreign platforms, launching a Shopify site for this brand, and listing products on other popular eCommerce platforms such as Walmart, Target, and more. This proven company could also improve sales immensely by adding complementary products to the existing line of SKUs, items that fit comfortably into the daily beauty routine such as cleansers, makeup removers, and cosmetics.

Founded with the purpose of marketing high-end anti-aging beauty serums, part of a luxurious and vegan skin care line, this company’s target market is women between the ages of 35 and 60 who were comfortable with regularly paying premium prices for upscale beauty products.

Their products were selected with recurring sales and cross-product promotions in mind, which has successfully led them to reliable sales and loyal consumers. This audience could be further leveraged through the addition of Amazon’s subscribe and save function as well as product bundling. Offering a recommended daily routine bundle could prove very lucrative.

The brand carries fully branded solutions for face moisturizers, night serums, Vitamin C facial serums, eye lift serums for treating bags and dark circles, and daily glow double hydrators. The products are sourced from a supplier in Noida, India, which has become an exceptionally reliable manufacturer of these serums.

The brand’s use of SEO in the Amazon product descriptions proved to be enormously effective in finding a customer base. The average order value of $39.97 has brought in strong/growing sales, while the company maintains Amazon FBA for its delivery method, which has been a simple but highly effective approach. The supplier ships the products directly to FBA, with a healthy monthly average of 1,200 units being sold. Inventory has already been purchased for the next 5 months’ worth of sales.

Sales have remained steady since their customers purchase the products throughout the year. There are some spikes in sales during the month leading up to Amazon Prime Day, and around the holidays when these products have become popular gift items.

The company’s marketing efforts have focused on an SEO approach that relies on keyword optimization for its Amazon listings, with keywords carefully researched and selected to maximize the appeal to the right demographics.

Moving forward, this company could focus on using PPC ads on Amazon to enlarge their customer base, as well as on boosting web traffic organically by launching the brand’s first social media marketing campaigns.

Launching a fully branded and optimized Shopify website and offering sales options there, while creating a more expansive SEO program that includes a blog on the new website may also prove incredibly profitable.

Another option is to expand sales internationally by listing products on Amazon’s marketplaces in Canada, the European Union, the UK, and Australia. Sales could additionally increase by listing existing products on other popular online platforms such as Walmart, Etsy, and Jet. Either approach would send sales to new heights in a remarkably short timeframe.

A particularly good scale option to amplify earnings would be to expand the product line to include new complimentary products that would include a larger selection of creams, lotions, cosmetics, and face cleansers that women could use on a daily basis.

This company operates very smoothly and efficiently with minimal input from the current owner, who now spends an average of 5 hours a week running it. Operating basically on autopilot, the owner mainly focuses on customer service. This business has no employees.

The global market for skin care and beauty products is massive and growing rapidly, with revenues exceeding $133 billion in 2018 and projected to increase to $200 billion by 2026.

This company has amply demonstrated that a strong customer base can be developed for a niche field of specialized skin care and anti-aging serums. This brand’s accomplishments speak for themselves, as they have grown through highly targeted and optimized marketing efforts. Precious little investment was needed to provide an efficient delivery system to customers and their rave reviews speak volumes about this company’s success.

A buyer now has a phenomenal opportunity to rapidly expand and grow this business, with profits poised to rise to stunning new heights.

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