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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Gardening & Camping Gear Segments – Growth Every Year Since Inception – $48 AOV – US & UK Sales Channels


Website Closers® presents a blossoming business based in both the gardening equipment and camping gear markets. With 6 years of experience as an Amazon FBA brand, they have built a line of highly functional, eco-friendly products that are perfect for their nature-loving consumers. They offer 8 Main Products with 25 USA and 15 UK Variations and 1 design patent (creating a moat around this line-up). They maintain an efficient business structure that gives the owner more than enough time to focus on scale opportunities.

They offer a diverse selection of products to suit both of their markets. For gardening hobbyists, they have shears, clippers, and a handsaw, all of which are perfect for keeping properties beautiful and tidy. The campers, meanwhile, enjoy the company’s most popular SKU line, including adjustable tent poles as well as other camping gear such as bags and tablecloths. The latter two products are marketed as being fully compostable and biodegradable and have earned Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Badge. This makes the company a fantastic choice for those looking to cut down on their waste and preserve the environment for future campers, and has, alongside their other products, given them an Average Order Value of $48.

As the company is entirely Fulfilled by Amazon, the owner doesn’t have to worry about warehousing costs or management, with their supplier sending their products directly to Amazon. This also keeps the need for additional employees low, and drastically cuts down on the owner’s average workload. The current owner spends roughly 10 hours a week managing the business, which are largely spent monitoring inventory, ordering new stock when necessary, and keeping an eye on ACOS and TACOS.

Despite having no recent additions to their product portfolio, they have continued to grow at a steady pace. While the buyer would easily be able to sustain this consistent rise up the ranks, they could quicken it by improving their collection of SKUs. For instance, they could offer more size and color varieties of their existing products, or they could add more products within the camping and gardening markets. More variety in their SKU line would also give them more options for creating bundles for customers, making it more affordable for them to purchase in bulk, and let the company promote upsells.

They could also easily establish new sales channels, adding to their overall profit margins. As the company sells nearly exclusively to the US, exploring Amazon’s other international storefronts may be beneficial for them in the long term. Alternatively, they could branch off into other eCommerce sites, or establish a website of their own. The latter option would let them start selling D2C, setting themselves apart as their own independent brand and removing the middle-man.

Advertising would be yet another viable option to improve the business. Their main marketing methods center around TACOS and targeted PPC, which can be optimized to bring in more traffic. They could also create social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, and build communities that emphasize their nature-loving message. These platforms also have the benefit of being focused around image and video sharing, making it possible to showcase the company’s products while strengthening brand loyalty.

As all of this company’s listings have been fully optimized, all a buyer would need to ensure continual yearly growth and passive income would be to reorder inventory and maintain operations as is. However, with the right strategies, they could send profits skyrocketing above the competition.

This Amazon FBA Company is Represented by:

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WC 2875

Asking Price
$ 700,000
Cash Flow
$ 208,225
Gross Income
$ 1,334,597
Year Established