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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand in the Premium Kitchenware & Cookware Niche – 8 Years in Business – $21 AOV on 16 SKUs


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that found a unique niche position within the enormously profitable field of Premium Kitchenware and Cookware products, a booming industry as millions of Americans rediscover the joy of cooking at home.

Operating for nearly a decade, this company has found a highly receptive audience for their trademarked and indispensable, high-quality kitchen tools that make preparing food not only easier but far more enjoyable. The company’s glowing reviews – more than 3,000+ in total, giving them a 99% Lifetime Positive Feedback rating – attest to that.

The company is positioned for a strong growth curve in 2023. They continue to add new products and have multiple sales channels they operate on, including Amazon, their own website, and eBay, and more recently the company was approved for listing on the Walmart marketplace through Walmart Fulfillment Services. Once launched, that should give this brand a major boost in profitability.

Operating in the field of kitchenware is a smart move, especially since the pandemic lockdowns sparked in Americans a new passion for cooking at home. The kitchenware and cookware industries boomed in 2020 and have only grown stronger since then.

The global kitchenware industry is highly lucrative, projected to reach $77.4 billion by 2025, as the growing number of households and use of specialized kitchen and cooking products also get adopted by the booming hospitality industry. The cookware product segment dominates the industry since consumers prefer to cook different types of cuisine and are looking for increasingly sophisticated cutlery to enhance their cooking experience.

Increasingly, consumers are turning to online channels to find the kind of niche products they’re looking for, and a very wide variety of kitchenware products is projected to enjoy increasingly strong sales courtesy of easy availability on eCommerce shops.

This company represents a good example of that growth. Let’s explore how they got launched and the smart moves the current owners have made to ensure this brand’s rising success.

The company offers 16 SKUs, including product variations in use and size on many of them, with their top performing SKUs including baking and kitchen scoops (which the current owners expanded into a successful gift set), baking mats, citrus press 5-blade herb scissors, and a knife lemon Zester with a bottle opener. They continue to diversify and create new branded products, including a new one-of-a-kind whisk with a unique design that bakers love.

With an Average Order Value of $21, these products have sold exceptionally well on Amazon. While sales are healthy year-round, they peak during the holiday season since these products have become recognized as great gift items for family and friends. In recent years, the company implemented Shipstation to automatically route orders from eBay and their website to Amazon so all products can be conveniently shipped through Fulfillment By Amazon.

The company also uses Amazon to sell products in Canada and Mexico, giving them an international reach.

The company diversified its sales channels to include their own Shopify website and an eBay account and more recently won approval for listings on Walmart as well.

Their cookie scoops and herb scissors are getting a growing percentage of repeat customers, particularly among customers between the age of 40 and 70. Once they find a scoop they like, these shoppers tend to buy different sizes and use. To accommodate them, the company is launching new scoops without being in a gift pack, making them available as a more affordable option.

Their scissors are often purchased in bulk and are a popular stocking stuffer item over the holidays.

The company has relied on PPC ads on Amazon and Google to drive sales, giving the company plenty of ways to scale quickly through new marketing campaigns, including social media and email campaigns and an SEO program that includes a blog on their website.

Their SKUs are sold through Amazon Prime, and they have also made their scissors available for Lightning Deal promotional discounts.

This is a unique business protected from competition because they have been around long enough to build up a solid customer base, and because of their specialized packaging. Their brand name is stamped on every product, and not just the packaging. Their newest whisk products were manufactured directly for them, and the company has several suppliers they source from.

The current owners are now working just 5-10 hours per week operating the business, with their main tasks being maintaining inventory levels, shipping products to Amazon, reviewing PPC ads, and handling customer inquiries. Amazon and Amazon FBA handle most of the logistics, and the kitting of their packages is done by high school students. The company does not have employees.

Today, this brand has a clear following which can easily be expanded through social media, with additional products, and by expanding into the wholesale and retail market for kitchenware products.

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$ 477,747
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