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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand offering Unique, In-House Designed Vintage Farmhouse Decor – Strong YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a stylish and warm eCommerce Brand that offers Rustic, Vintage Farmhouse Décor. Leveraging in-house, exclusive designs, this Amazon FBA Business offers 13 SKUs with an average order value of $27. Growing dramatically since their entrance onto Amazon America, their revenues have doubled in gross revenue from 2020 to 2021. And it is easy to see why – every single product on Amazon has either a 5 Star rating (most) or 4.7 Stars – a tremendous feat across so many SKUs.

The company now sells its products on its Shopify website as well as on Amazon, with the bulk of all sales coming from the latter. As the number of Americans redecorating their homes continues to increase, this company has done well finding and connecting with its loyal customer base while attracting fantastic customer reviews on Amazon. Amazon’s user base continues to grow each year as online shopping is adopted as the norm for most age groups.

This company has just the right foundation to begin major scale efforts. There are plenty of promising options for increasing sales, such as expanding onto Amazon’s European and Canadian platforms, exploring sales avenues in the wholesale marketplace, and a more aggressive mix of PPC ads on Amazon. Enhancing their current marketing mix, an incoming owner could benefit from a new social media marketing campaign, including the addition of Influencer Marketing on Instagram and TikTok.

The global home décor market, valued at $616 billion in 2019, is expected to rise to $838 billion by 2027, a stunning growth rate for this lucrative industry. Customers for this market are always on the lookout for highly specialized niche items that can set their home apart from all the rest. Utilizing proprietary designs and a unique viewpoint, this company has carved out a loyal corner of the industry.

The company was started two years ago when the owner moved to a new state and couldn’t find the kind of home décor items on Amazon that she was looking for. With a passion for designing specialized items, she began selling her own niche products that included wood decorative signs, hand and dish soap dispenses, and campfire coffee mugs. The company now has 13 SKUs and the potential to roll out even more.

The company has three suppliers in China, who manufacture the brand’s unique products with hand-made fonts and fully in-house made designs. All products are sold under their brand name, and farmhouse soap dispensers have become the company’s top seller, representing 65% of all sales.

Amazon has proven to be a remarkably successful platform for this business, where they maintain an enviable 4.5 Seller Rating due to their incredibly enthusiastic consumers who regularly award the brand 5 Star reviews. All of their Amazon SKUs are sold via Prime, 1 or 2 day shipping.

The brand’s products are shipped through Amazon’s FBA services, and the company tends to stock about 3-4 months’ worth of inventory, with new orders placed three times per year.

So far, all marketing efforts have focused on a healthy mix of paid and organic traffic. The company runs PPC ads on Amazon and has both a Facebook page with 2,200+ followers and an Instagram page with several hundred followers where they post PPC ads and organic content.

This business has become well-established on Amazon within the home décor market, and their brand carries a registered trademark for the U.S. There are immeasurable opportunities for considerable scaling, starting with a newly launched marketing campaign. The company could utilize PPC advertising more frequently on Amazon, along with launching an influencer campaign on Instagram to help increase brand awareness. The brand could also initiate its first SEO program by started a blog on the website to help promote topic authority and recurring customer rates.

Expanding its sales opportunities, this company could extend its reach internationally by taking advantage of Amazon’s platforms in Canada, Europe, and Mexico. Other growth channels such as Walmart and Etsy may be equally as effective. There are also opportunities to generate B2B sales on the wholesale market, targeting retailers, gift shops, big box stores, and other brick-and-mortar shops that offer specialized home décor items.

Lastly, the company could introduce new product designs and continue to launch new SKUs to encourage customers to keep coming back.

The current owner spends 10-15 hours each week running this business, with primary tasks that include product development, restocking, customer service and managing PPC ads. This could be minimized further with the addition of a VA.

This up-and-coming brand is uniquely positioned in a very profitable field. Once upon a time, home décor may have been considered a luxury, not a necessity, but times have changed. Today, homeowners spend a lot of time looking for items that reflect their personality, tastes, and favored styles, which is why niche home décor businesses have done exceptionally well giving customers quirky items that speak directly to them and how they want their home to look.

This company has done a tremendous job designing niche home décor products that evoke a farmhouse look and feel, this has appealed effectively to the growing cottagecore aesthetic, hometown design, and more. Effectively using Amazon to connect with customers who found these items to be exactly what they were looking for has been the key to their current levels of success.

Having established a solid connection with their customers, the company’s 13 SKUs have brought in a whopping 100% year over year growth from 2020 to this year and have the clear ability to scale quickly by expanding sales internationally, onto other popular eCommerce sites, and through wholesale channels.

More importantly, the brand has mainly relied on PPC ads to generate web traffic and has terrific growth opportunities through new digital marketing techniques such as social media posts, influencer campaigns, and enhanced SEO.

With the home décor market flourishing expansively, this is a fantastically promising opportunity. A niche business that understands its audience and knows how to give them great specialized products, this is a phenomenally strategic acquisition.

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