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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand Selling Wine Openers, Decanters & Other Wine Accessories – 89% YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a premium wine accessories brand. Operating on a unique blend of strategy and design, their patented and exclusive products are offered only on Amazon to effectively tap into their audience’s dedication to all things related to wine. With a swish of the glass, this company’s decanters, filters, resealable bottles, and wine openers have quickly become sought after pieces for any connoisseur.

Prosperously aged for more than 5 years, this brand leader has earned 2,000+ highly enthusiastic reviews from customers across the globe. Earning an impressive 89% year over year growth rate, this company continues to see limitless opportunities.

With an average order value of $33, the company has effectively used Amazon PPC to market its products and expand sales. Selling only through Amazon, this business could grow exponentially by placing the SKUs on other popular eCommerce sites, such as Etsy and, expanding into Canada and Australia, and increasing the product offerings in England and the European Union. The brand could also boost organic traffic by developing a social media program and thorough SEO initiatives.

Uncorked in 2015 with a focus on wine-related accessories such as corkscrews and decanters, this business has continually expanded over the years. In 2019, the company launched a unique wine preservation system, and then in 2020 the product line expanded again to include edible oils including avocado, macadamia, and olive. The brand has also appealed to cat lovers with wine accessories designed to look like felines.

When selecting new SKUs, the company currently requires that the items be related to the niche field of wine and healthy foods to ensure solid branding and targeted appeal. The incoming owner could take full advantage of the universally applicable SKUs to successfully bundle and cross-sell products as often as possible.

The company also conducts marketing studies on consumer demand for each item and its possible margins along with invaluable techniques to differentiate each new product from what is already available, such as by creating a patented design.

The brand has grown to 14 SKUs available in the U.S. and 6 SKUs sold in the U.K./E.U. 80% of sales are now made in England and the European Union, with the remaining 20% in the U.S. All brands are trademarked in both the U.S. and U.K. This means that revenue could be dramatically and swiftly grown by simply listing existing products on their U.K./ E.U. storefront.

While sales remain steady throughout the year, there has been a significant boost in profits from November through February, and the company’s main decanter product has become a highly desirable holiday gift item representing close to 60% of total yearly sales.

The brand has very appealing demographics. For their U.S. sales of wine accessories, 60% of customers are men in the prime buying age group of 35-65, and 80% have a college education. For the health food products, 60% are women aged 45-65, with a similar percentage who are educated and have degrees.

The company maintains a sky-high average Amazon rating of 4.9 Stars from customers and has accumulated a whopping 1,500 reviews on its bestselling items. Selling entirely through Amazon, this company offers its exclusive items through Prime and FBA to maximize efficiency while minimizing overhead costs.

With a strong foundation to build on, this company is ready for extensive scaling campaigns. So far, no promotional work has been done for the wine preservation system and reaching out to prominent wine groups and influencers could prove highly beneficial for boosting sales. Creating social media accounts for this product and the other SKUs would also increase organic traffic and promote sales. The wine industry is part of both the wellness and lifestyle categories that have seen incredible growth in recent years. Marketing their health-conscious offerings as well as their designs could encourage a loyal and recurring customer base.

The company has successfully used Amazon PPC for its sales in the U.S. and could extend that to their U.K./E.U. markets as well. The brand could also promote its SKUs on Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram to boost organic traffic even further.

The company could increase the number of products being offered in the U.K. and E.U. markets, and introduce new products such as a wine fridge, new wine openers with unique designs, and more cat-related products, to further enlarge the customer base. Marketing products in Canada and Australia, where there is less competition for these niche products, is another clever path to success.

The current owner dedicates 15 hours per week maintaining the business, with the rest of the week devoted to finding new growth opportunities. Other primary tasks include accounting, bookkeeping, managing inventory and handling customer support. Most customer communications are by email, and most support requests come through Amazon’s system.

The company has no employees but does use contractors to handle manufacturing, freight forwarding and warehousing tasks, as well as a videographer and photographer for new listings.

Just as the public has always demonstrated an insatiable desire for wine and now has a growing interest in accessory products, this brand has demonstrated that customers are eager to find wine items with new uses, user-friendly designs, and a unique look and style. The company’s wine preservation system has sold well despite a lack of any significant promotional work, and the other SKUs are ideally positioned to scale rapidly through improved marketing techniques and expansion into other foreign markets.

Wine and everything that goes with it has a universal appeal across the globe, and this brand’s phenomenal success in the U.S. and Europe amply demonstrates just how eager customers are to find the newest and most distinctive products within this popular niche. A new owner will gain a tremendous opportunity to take this niche leader to brand new heights.

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