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Amazon FBA eCommerce Business offering Female-Focused Products in the Nutritional Supplements, Health & Beauty & Pet Verticals – Multiple Brands & Sales Channels


Website Closers® presents an 11-year established eCommerce business that specializes in natural, in-house developed products. Carrying 5 brands in the supplement, health & beauty, household, pet verticals and sports category, this business has achieved strong and growing sales for its vibrant and all-natural herbal solutions. With products designed for feminine wellness, along with popular detox bundles that sell exceptionally well on Amazon, this company is swiftly becoming a leader in the field of feminine wellness products and organically produced supplements.

Experiencing rapidly rising profits and steady growth, this company operates in multiple sales channels, including their branded websites, an Amazon storefront, along with rapidly growing Etsy and eBay accounts. While primarily based on Amazon, the company now enjoys a deep rapport with a much wider customer case beyond a standard Amazon FBA Business Model. Already scaling tremendously, this company could continue this growth path through enhanced marketing tactics and further spanning into international markets both on Amazon and their other sales platforms.

The company was launched in 2010 to market all-natural products that include supplements, herbal tea blends, incense, special garden soil, niche sports and healthcare products along with product bundles. Initially, the focus was on Amazon, and the company operated under the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business model. Later, the company expanded to sell on additional marketplaces after moving fulfillment from inhouse to a 3PL.

Earning incredible traffic and terrific success on Amazon, the brand has numerous Amazon Choice badges for keywords associated with their products, and among their two platforms, one has a Seller Rating of 4.9 and the other, 4.8. The brand also launched a Subscribe and Save option last fall, which has already brought on more than 1,000 sticky subscribers.

Virtually everything they sell, now more than 50 SKUs, is custom made by this company, except for a few items in bundles that do not have the company logo. Their branded products have become popular in a wide number of categories, including feminine care, herbal supplements, garden soils, sports, incense and fertility.

Their products tend to perform well throughout the year with low seasonal factors, and with an average order value that ranges between $17 and $42, sales have been consistently healthy, with Amazon remaining their top-selling site, but sales increasing sharply on their Shopify platform and on both Etsy and eBay as well. The company offers a different product line on each site, selling 59 SKUs on their Shopify site, 46 on Amazon, 51 on eBay and 49 on Etsy.

The company stocks 3 months’ worth of inventory at Amazon, and since the expansion onto other sites, more of it is being housed at the company’s 3PL warehouse partners.   In the past year, the company has made 6,290+ shipments from its 3PL warehouse, and they try to maintain 6-12 months of inventory.

The company has cultivated a strong customer base among women for their feminine wellness supplements and products, and among both men and women for their organic herbal supplements.  Their approach to marketing started with PPC ads on Amazon, which have been the primary marketing tool for them on that platform.

Since launching onto other platforms, the company has expanded in different ways. They have created a new theme and look on their Shopify site and have made subscriptions available there as well.

Between the brands, the company has accumulated a massive email database of 21,000+ subscribers that has been underutilized until recently. The company is now setting up an email marketing campaign to boost sales. Likewise, the company’s expansion into social media marketing has been highly successful, particularly on Instagram where they now have 10,000+ followers.

The growth opportunities available to this company are enormous because the business has the ability to scale rapidly on both their Amazon site and in different ways through amazing international platforms – an impressive opportunity for a buyer to take advantage of.

For the Amazon account, the company has enjoyed great success with its flagship products, product bundles and multi-packs, which have been viewed as terrific savings opportunities by their customers. With more than 50 products, the company could easily create additional bundles, and those options could be expanded even further if the company launches new products for both brands. In fact, they just launched 3 new products and have everything lined up to launch a few more. The only thing needed is to manufacture the new products. Having successfully discovered high selling, low competition products so far, the same formula could be used to research and then develop new ones.

The company could increase its PPC ad spend on Amazon, while also launching video ads on Amazon, which have proven to be highly effective for other businesses in this and adjacent verticals. Amazon is also an excellent option for another reason: it gives this company the ability to scale rapidly by expanding sales internationally. Amazon has platforms worldwide, and the market for organic and all-natural supplements and health-related products is clearly a global one.

For the company’s Shopify sites, there are clear opportunities through enhanced digital marketing efforts, including the new email marketing campaign (which could be used to upsell new products), and by expanding on other social media sites. The company could also launch an SEO program that would include a blog on both sites to expand organic traffic.

Finally, with the great success of their products on eCommerce sites, the company could explore the option of retail distribution. The feminine wellness brand was contacted by a very large retail chain and received a PO from them that is currently in progress. With trademarks and products that can’t be found elsewhere, This would be an ideal time to reach out to more retailers in a wide assortment of industries, including supplements, all-natural feminine products, organic products and sports/wellness etc.

Being able to offer patrons something unique is always a great starting point for any company, and this company was smart to begin with a competitive analysis of high selling, low competition products, and then go one step further and create their own SKUs. That’s a phenomenal position to be in, and for a buyer, it’s a golden opportunity to build on their success and elevate it to higher levels of profitability.

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