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Amazon FBA Health & Wellness eCommerce Retailer – Nutritional Supplements, OTC Medicines & Beauty Products – 11 Years in Business


Website Closers® presents a powerful Amazon FBA Company in the booming Health & Wellness Vertical. This eCommerce business sells a large variety of Nutritional Supplements, OTC Medications and Beauty Products. Offering CPGs Direct to Consumer for over a decade, they performed beautifully in 2020 and have continued to set amazing sales records in 2021 with no end to the scale in sight. This target has a long history of enviable growth and stability under its belt, a cornerstone of which stems from a series of Proprietary, In-House Systems that have been put into place to ensure the right niche products are picked to maximize profit.

Founded 11 years ago, this Internet Company markets products related to health, wellness, fitness, beauty, and personal care, including probiotics, multivitamins, allergy medications, testosterone boosters, skin and haircare, and more. Now carrying more than 1,000 high-performing SKUs, this wellness giant has only scratched the surface because their current growth – in the channels and products they serve – is already too much to handle. Business ownership realizes that in order for this company to continue to grow at its current pace, a buyer with the skills and network to grow a company from SMB to Middle Market is necessary. And for the right buyer, ownership is willing to roll equity and remain heavily involved in the business.

Offering daily use, unregulated products has led to strong repeat customer rates, something that can be further extrapolated upon over time. This company has earned a strong, positive lifetime seller rating backing up just how effective their business is in the eyes of the consumer. In line with their remarkable success on Amazon, this company has recently extended its reach by selling on both eBay and Walmart’s online marketplaces. As these other sales channels gain traction, their FBA store still remains their top producer and growth opportunity.

Currently selling only in the US, this brand could be further developed through international expansion. Taking full advantage of their current high standing on Amazon a new buyer could begin selling on Amazon Canada, E.U., India, and more. Relying mostly on PPC advertisements that have been concentrated on Amazon so far, this business may also benefit from a full-blown SEO program along with brand development through content creation and Google AdWords. SKU Creation is also a tried-and-true path to growth.

With such a diverse product catalogue already in place, this company has no set demographic market. Each of their sub-brands and sub-categories appeal to different groups ensuring their lasting profitability and minimizing their seasonality. Leveraging pages on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, this business could experience incredible growth. The personal care markets in beauty, fitness, supplements, and health are industries that thrive on consumer connection. Crafting messages, imagery, and video content that allows consumer to connect directly with the brand could encourage immeasurable growth and drive incredible recurring revenue rates.

Branching into adjacent categories is another lucrative scale option. Just a few logical extensions include makeup, hair accessories, athleisurewear, water bottles, and topical medical creams.

Necessitating 15-35 weekly hours, current ownership is responsible for inventory management, operations oversight, bookkeeping, and customer service responses. These tasks could easily be handed off to a VA if the new owner so desired.

Current owners are well equipped to provide hands-on training and frequent calls to ensure a smooth transition, and as noted above, for the right buyer will consider staying involved after closing in a more structured way.

With 7 team members already in place, this company has a strong support framework in charge of Operations, Warehouse Management, Warehouse Assisting, and package preparation. In addition to these full-time workers, there are also 2 part-time contractors who pack shipments.

Available for purchase as needed, and subscriptions, this brand’s SKUs appeal to most audiences within the beauty, haircare, skincare, nutrition, fitness, supplement, and health market. Standing as a cross-industry pillar for more than a decade, this company offers a reliable and powerful standing to any lucky buyer. As the health and wellness market moves increasingly towards the eCommerce world, this company is well poised to scale tremendously over the foreseeable future.

With that said, there remains significant opportunities for growth through enhanced marketing, channel diversification, and SKU creation. However, a buyer could easily maintain the course and see the steady revenues that this company reliably delivers.

This Health & Wellness Company Represented by:

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Listing ID: WC2327

Asking Price
$ 6,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,400,441
Gross Income
$ 17,477,577
Year Established