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Amazon FBA Nutritional Supplements Company – 6 Years in Business – Growing Repeat Customer Base – 40,000+ Product Reviews


Website Closers® presents a prosperous dietary supplement and men’s health supplement company that operates solely on Amazon with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) Logistics. This eCommerce Retailer has been selling products on Amazon for 6 years, resulting in over 40,000 product reviews on their SKUs. As of the date of this writing, one of their products holds a Best Seller Tag in the Lactase Nutritional Supplements Sub-Category.

Carrying 4 separate brands with a laser-guided approach to selling each product, the company offers a variety of Nutritional Supplements, including probiotics, weight loss aids, Neuro, minerals and testosterone boosters. Nutritional and health supplements are a booming industry, worth more than $140 billion globally, and this company has built up a phenomenal customer list of more than 400,000 engaged leads in just a few years.

Building a rapidly expanding customer base, this business stands to scale exponentially with the addition of more SKUs and digital storefronts. As noted above, right now they do not operate anywhere other than This brand functions as a well-oiled machine and customers have raved about the products, giving this company a high ranking along with a plethora of glowing 4-5 Star reviews. The company has built up an impressive database of more than 75,000 emails spanning a multitude of demographic groups. Their diverse products appeal to different demographics, giving the brand an ever-expanding reach for new customers. This could be leveraged effectively for strong marketing initiatives across each brand.

With 6 years of incredible success, this company stands to grow significantly over the foreseeable future. Sales are conducted largely within the U.S. and could be expanded internationally as well as on other eCommerce platforms, especially on Amazon Canada, UK, Europe, and more – where the brands’ 40,000+ reviews would immediately transfer, putting these brands at a significant advantage against others in those foreign countries from the very start.

Having come so far over the years with a limited – yet productive – marketing campaign, this thriving business is ideally positioned to enjoy an enormous spike in profitability through enhanced marketing tactics, product additions, channel diversification, and affiliate development.

This company was formed in 2015 to tap into the growing need among consumers to boost their personal health and wellbeing. This has been a key factor driving demand for dietary, energy, and performance focused supplements through the years. With often hectic work schedules and busy lives, a growing number of consumers have turned to supplements and vitamins to help them fulfill their nutrient requirements and address their own daily concerns. It is widely reported that over 75% of consumers now buy their supplements online.

With an average order value of $20, the company has seen sales skyrocket as their popularity and brand awareness have naturally grown. The brand’s customer list now exceeds a stunning 400,000+ with impressive customer retention rates. Sales have been steady year-round, with healthy spikes during the holidays. The sale of probiotics and weight loss supplements typically rise 15% in January as customers make their new year’s resolutions on weight loss and fitness.

The brand also benefits from having products that appeal to a wide spectrum of consumers. Each product now appeals to a different demographic, with male enhancement products being purchased by men at an average age of 35, while the weight loss products appeal to men and women ages 18-45. Their vitamins, especially the probiotics, are prevalently bought across all age groups.

The company’s Repeat Order Rate is steadily growing as more and more consumers begin taking part in Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program.

This company operates very efficiently; with the current owners spending only about 5 hours per week running it. Their primary tasks include inventory management, customer support, overseeing supply management, and accounting. At the moment, no more than one part-time employee would be needed to assist with daily operations.

With health and wellness being on the minds of millions of Americans today, and an ever-increasing number of consumers making a commitment to staying fit and ensuring they get their proper nutrients, the market for dietary supplements is expected to flourish for years to come.

This brand has smartly tapped into that market, turning just a handful of SKUs into a thriving eCommerce business that has brought in thousands of customers while drawing incredible reviews. For a buyer, this is a company that stands ready to boost profits in proven ways, including product diversification, improved marketing, and expanding sales internationally. This company is now as healthy as the customers taking its supplements, and is well positioned to soar much higher.

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