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Amazon FBA Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – 30% YOY Growth – 26% Net Margins – $25 AOV


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand in the Nutritional Supplements category. The company offers a variety of products to tackle a number of important aspects of daily life, including stress, weight loss, energy and memory support, mood, focus and clarity, as well as performance. The company has largely focused on Amazon and its Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) approach to providing Supplements into the hands of consumers via Prime 1 or 2-day Shipping. This quick ship-and-receive model, coupled with world class customer service and premium supplement blends, has helped them create a steady flow of income for ownership.

The company’s products are proudly made in the USA. These supplements are non-GMO, gluten-free, and crafted in a GMP-certified facility in the United States under strict purity guidelines to ensure clean, effective results.

A look across their product array on Amazon, where they have a nearly perfect lifetime seller rating, shows every product with tens of thousands of 4-5 Star Product Reviews. All products have high-quality image assets, premium packaging and marketing collateral that pops compared to other supplements brands on the marketplace.

The products have an Average Order Value of $25 and a 26% Net Profit Margin. Since they use Amazon FBA for shipping, this company is very easy to manage, from an inventory to a consumer standpoint. The Amazon CMS makes it easy to keep track of inventory so that you can order the right amounts to never run out. The company utilizes Amazon Sponsored Ads for the bulk of their advertising strategy, and retains a PPC agency to strengthen the rank of certain keywords and sales. They also utilize their consumer base – including over 10,000 email contacts – for promotions and cross-selling, and use Facebook to reach out to product testers, deal seekers, and any groups and communities that might be interested in the brand. Each of these three primary methods could be improved upon, however, in order to raise profit margins and attract new customers to the brand.

For instance, a buyer could start by creating official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. While the company already uses Facebook to some extent, building up their own accounts on such popular platforms could drastically improve their rate of organic traffic, while letting them engage with their consumer base and showcase some of their products. They could also work to make their email marketing tactics more effectively generate repeat purchases and up-sells.

Building upon their marketing campaign would also make it much easier to scale the company’s Shopify storefront. Though Amazon is a fantastic place to sell from for a number of reasons, polishing their website and diverting more traffic towards it would diversify the business’s profits, and boost their sales. It would also grant the company more control over the consumer base than Amazon allows, letting them more effectively promote cross-sells and upsells.

However, that doesn’t mean that their Amazon listings should go neglected, either. They could improve their operations through promotions, deals, and other features to make the shopping experience better for both customers and the company.

The current owners have a workload of 10 hours per week, during which they take care of email marketing and social media promotions, maintain operations on Amazon, work with their PPC agency, and replenish inventory as needed. A buyer could reduce their hours further by hiring full-time virtual assistants to manage customer service and other responsibilities, or by sending more of their inventory to Amazon to reduce the need for warehousing. Whether the buyer would prefer to dedicate their time to this venture or incorporate it into a busy schedule, the company can be adjusted and managed in whatever way they prefer.

The company sits in a great position, with a bright reputation, and an even brighter future. As their products are supplied by the world’s leading contract manufacturer for supplements, they’re guaranteed high quality and GMP certification for their SKUs, and can easily add new, in-demand products to their roster. These include sleep aids, brain booster gummies, and CBD products, giving more opportunities for cross-selling and broadening their reach in their market. They could also continue down the path of international expansion through Amazon, targeting more customers and raising profits.

Additionally, the current owners have a five-year plan in place that the buyer could follow for great results. This plan is predicted to, if followed up upon, lead to 15% organic growth, enough profit to comfortably finance new products, and continue to guide the company down the path to success.

This Amazon Brand is Represented by:

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WC 2849

Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 479,585
Gross Income
$ 1,878,194
Year Established