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Amazon FBA Vitamins & Supplements Brand – 100,000+ Product Reviews – 46% Repeat Order Rate – Growing YOY Margins


Website Closers® presents an Amazon FBA Dietary Supplements Brand that has successfully leveraged the public’s interest in Health & Wellness, and products made from the purest quality natural ingredients to satisfy their needs. Their smart marketing and effective use of Amazon as a sales platform has given their product line, a collection of well-ranked and popular vitamins and supplements, a major boost in both brand awareness and consumer stickiness. They now have over 100,000 Product Reviews on Amazon – this is something that a newcomer to the vertical would have a very difficult time achieving – the resulting Amazon Real Estate is highly valuable.

They are also achieving a 43% Return Customer Rate on its website – in other words – almost half of all customers that buy from them come back again.

The company maintains a 5 Star Account Rating on Amazon which shows the level of customer service the business attains with its client base. They also have a popular health care blog on their website that is generating higher levels of organic traffic, and a high satisfaction level among their customers – this drives significant word of mouth referrals.

The supplements industry has made enormous strides in the past few years. A rising level of health consciousness among consumers has increased demand for products that boost their immune system, mental health, stamina and energy levels. Vitamins and supplements that help them meet their daily nutritional intake and that are made with all natural ingredients are among the most popular. In fact, there are major shifts happening today in the US supplement market. Consumers continue to prioritize their health and wellness, and with the easy availability of supplements as over the counter products that can be purchased online at affordable prices, sales are booming.

Supplements for immunity and stress support are particularly popular, helping to boost the $33.7 billion US retail vitamin, mineral, and supplement market. More than three out of four US consumers are now using these products. The rapid growth in eCommerce for supplements during the Covid pandemic has been an important shift as more and more consumers make these products part of their daily routine.

The company understood its target audience. Launched nearly 5 years ago, the company understood that once you make a connection with your audience and gain their trust, many will become repeat customers because people take supplements and vitamins on a consistent basis.

Before launching any product, the company conducts market research on the latest health trends and conducts thorough surveys asking their ideal customer what they were looking for and what health situations they wanted to address. They also studied the data on products that were performing well. In 2021, they launched a large number of additional products – those are now starting to come to fruition. 2022 has been a focus on profitability, which is up tremendously, especially as these new products take hold as well. More products are in line and will be available for a buyer at acquisition to invest in as they see fit. Current, SKU count is 39. All products are manufactured in the United States in facilities that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. All products are sold under their brand name, with an Average Order Value of $50. Every product produced for them goes through a rigorous testing process, and is quality controlled by their manufacturers.

Amazon has been a strong platform. Sales are divided between the company’s website and their Amazon platform, and all products are shipped by Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). However, Amazon makes up 98% of sales revenue as very little focus has been made on the DTC side to date. And while DTC is low hanging fruit, especially for a buyer that has experience with digital marketing off-Amazon, there still remains a tremendous amount of opportunity available on Amazon. Sponsored Ad campaigns on Amazon has been their focus to date, and this targeting helped the company reach and keep its audience.

The company currently has a Best Seller Badge for one of its offers, with over 50,000 Products Reviews on just this product alone. The company has also enticed their customers by making all products available on a Subscription basis on both Amazon (Subscribe & Save) and their Shopify Website. Introducing Subscriptions has boosted their Repeat Customer Rate from 15% to 43% and that percentage is rising.
Customers are lavishing the company with highly enthusiastic feedback, and with more than 8,000+ Account Review on Amazon where they maintain an impressive 5 Star average rating.

Their marketing is smart and efficient. To expand their audience on their own Shopify Storefront, the company launched a popular health blog that gets updated weekly, and they also use social media accounts on Instagram and Pinterest and an SEO program to improve their online ranking. This extensive marketing campaign has given this brand key advantages, and content has played an important role in their rising profitability.

The company is not experiencing any seasonality, and they sell to customers ranging in age from 18 to 65+. About 65% of their customers are women, and these customers come to this brand looking for nutritional help with weight loss, anti-aging, hair growth, gut health and general health.

This business is turnkey, but the owner is also willing to remain involved under the right conditions. Ownership is also willing to retain equity, for the right buyer. At the moment, ownership is focused on overseeing operations, managing finances, and developing new strategies for growth.

The owner employs 12 independent contractors including a director of operations, two graphic designers, a marketing director, product manager and two customer service specialists. Most importantly, this company had been contacted by numerous distributors in the past few years with a high interest in wholesaling their products, a new route for them. The company’s plan is to scale existing products and launch new ones while expanding into different verticals such as gummies and powders.

Their ability to get into retail and start a wholesale program offers them a very bright and profitable future. Contact Website Closers today to learn more about the sound financial health of this business and the impressive business opportunity it provides to a new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 16,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 3,145,429
Gross Income
$ 15,774,466
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