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Amazon Launch Platform for Ranking Third Party Amazon Sellers – Promotes Verified Reviews, Social Media Visibility & Influencer Marketing


This opportunity is a platform where Amazon and eCommerce sellers can launch their products, rank them on Amazon’s search engines, get verified reviews, boost social media visibility and take advantage of influencer marketing traffic. The service offers an innovative and fully compliant matching process that helps interested buyers find amazing new products to test, review and share their experiences. This business is an automated platform that is dedicated to bringing real value to both organic testers wanting to try new products and the online storefronts that are looking for feedback and visibility. With an ever-increasing market from sellers along with other online retailers, this opportunity carries an 85% profit margin as well as an average order gross profit of $1,076. The key to the rampant success of this offering is its way of matching actual, friendly buyers with the products they are truly interested in. This platform does everything it can to ensure that the testers are supportive to sellers and that their mutual respect policies are followed. This incredible offering is a rapidly scaling company that requires little maintenance to bring a buyer like you fantastic returns whether you’re looking to aggressively grow or simply sit back and let the magic happen.

This dynamic platform connects quality confirmed early adopters with companies that sell online. Their intricate system and discerning selection process has brought them the immense success they see on the market today. They focus on finding those buyers who are kind, respectful, and honest and bringing them the products and services that they are currently looking for and are inclined to give feedback on. This platform ensures positive, honest reviews as well as social media mentions from verified, every-day people for any online retailer. This impactful service offers many advantages such as supportive buyers, increased keyword ranking, verified reviews, transparent and trackable progress, social media buzz, anti-abuse protection, a direct messaging platform between sellers and buyers, and so much more. Leveraging their powerful automated system, this digital platform drives results for their clients and, in turn, themselves.

The current owners spend around 2 hours per week maintaining and running this company. Due to its fully online systems and services, there is no need for things like warehouse space, office space, or shipping costs. However, they utilize this time to advise on strategy and tend to the company’s growth initiatives. As of now, this business is growing rapidly just on word of mouth, however marketing strategies such as SEO, paid advertising, blogging and social media posting would all be excellent ways to grow their brand recognition and consumer base for both buyers and sellers. Currently, there are also two remote managers who work as independent contractors and each work with buyers and sellers respectively to answer questions and keep everything running smoothly.

This ever-growing opportunity has a promising platform and maintains a solid consumer base of more than 1,500 buyers and 225 sellers which is organically growing daily. This rare type of business scales effectively and with little outside input simply as eCommerce businesses expand and develop. Additionally, its hands-off nature ensures that any interested buyer can easily pick up the reins and bring this company to next level if they so desire. 

Without implementing any marketing practices, this opportunity continues to grow and deliver excellent returns while retaining more than 50% of their existing clients on a month over month scale. This means that any additional efforts such as social media interaction and paid advertising are sure to dramatically increase this business’ ROI. As the online retail and eCommerce industry soars in popularity, this impactful platform is well-positioned to rise with it. Bringing profits, rankings, and market share along for the ride. This amazing business is a smart investment for every type of buyer.

Overall, this innovative rankings platform is a low maintenance, high reward company that any buyer would be lucky to acquire. Their dynamic system works for both buyers and sellers to create a mutually beneficial and uniquely profitable interaction that is sure to bring expanded business both to itself and to its clients. With a solid foundation and impeccable algorithm, this offering is an uncommonly exciting company that provides utility, awareness, and profits for its owners, clients, and buyers alike.

This Amazon Launch Platform Represented by: 

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Listing ID:  WC2071

Asking Price
$ 621,000
Cash Flow
$ 177,000
Gross Income
$ 208,000
Year Established

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