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The target is an International, Trademarked Brand in the Automotive Accessories Category, offering a laser-guided approach related to convenience and portability, including tire inflation, waterproof storage and electrical power accessibility for 12VDC automotive accessories. This eCommerce brand is deep-seeded in Amazon’s Algorithm since launch in 2014, adding a great deal of value to a brand that is successfully differentiating itself in a high-traffic, highly giftable segment.

This company is currently focusing 100% of its sales efforts on Amazon, utilizing their Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) logistics model so that ownership doesn’t have to invest in warehousing or its associated human capital.

This brand of auto accessories achieves a repeat customer rate due in no small part to over 2,600 positive seller ratings on Amazon with 4.8 stars or higher across all SKUs. The business enjoys high margins, little seasonality and a perfect impulse purchase price point.

Selling to the US and UK markets, this Amazon FBA Business features a well-established customer service and fulfillment team, working with Amazon to ensure the highest level of service from logistics to product quality; thanks to the tight lineup and remote fulfillment nature of the business, ownership invests absolutely minimal time in this reliable profit center. All SKUs are exclusives, and favorable credit terms are already in place allowing new ownership to easily expand the SKU lineup, add additional cross-sells, re-ignite past ASINs that have been out of stock, or offer product bundle packages.

Situated for scale in a variety of ways, this brand is ready for expansion into almost any eCom and/or international channel via Amazon, and with a polished brand presentation as such, this is a product line very much begging for big box retail exposure. Thanks to its lightweight and agile nature, this highly focused auto accessories retailer is exceptionally attractive as a strategic acquisition for almost anyone in the eCom space.

This Amazon FBA Company Represented by:
Tech & Internet M&A

Asking Price
$ 976,122
Cash Flow
$ 348,615
Gross Income
$ 1,384,309
Year Established