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Award Winning Consulting & Development Firm in the SMB & Enterprise Level Software Vertical – $100,000 AOV – 44% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents an innovative technology consulting and development firm focused on building solutions in the SMB/Enterprise Software Vertical. They have developed its client base across a broad span of industries and enterprises within the United States. They have a phenomenal level of expertise in the sector, which has allowed them to flourish as a leading provider of various customization and add-on services for several of the highest demand platforms. They have an average customer contract size around $100,000 and have earned several awards for both their software solutions and their world class customer service.

The business offers consulting and implementation services for various popular software platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE, Oracle NetSuite, Azure ML/BI, PowerBI, and SharePoint … to name a few. The company has been awarded Dynamics 365 Partner of the Year for US Customer Service, which showcases how much faith Microsoft puts in them for their service.

Additionally, the company is also an expert provider of valuable and high-demand AI & IoT development services. Their skills and solutions have made them a preferred partner for many SMB and enterprise level organizations. While they can service many different fields and industries, their current clients operate within the profitable energy, construction, medical device, and sporting sectors.

The company has benefited from operating within a rapidly growing high-demand market, as well as the versatility of their services. The global ERP software market was valued at $43.72 billion in 2020, and it’s expected to race to an astounding $117.09 billion by 2030. ERP software is vital for businesses to keep their operations as effective and efficient as possible, and with the right solution, can cut down on inventory costs by 25% to 30%, among other benefits. More companies are realizing by the day that they should utilize these technologies but doing so often requires significant customization and implementation to suit their needs.

This business has proven themselves able to deliver whatever help, customization, or specialized solutions their clients might need. They have a solid Repeat Customer Rate of 44% and work as the designated Dynamics 365 consultant for top energy producers, manufacturers, and globally recognized sports brands, among others. Whatever the market, their consulting and support services allow for decreased labor costs, efficient operating standards, process automation, and other business process enhancement benefits.

The company has created their own marketing department over the years, which has made it a simple process to find and attract new clients. The proficient team of employees that work within this department are responsible for generating leads through PPC, webinars, social media content, and sponsor events, in addition to other business development tactics. They also work with the SEO team to improve the ranking of web pages for different services, and maintain high keyword ranking on search engines.

Their lead generation practices don’t stop there, however. They also make use of their email list through outreach campaigns, and benefit from referrals. These referrals are provided by reputable, well-known names like Microsoft and Oracle, along with their partners, and have played a key role in establishing the company’s reputation as a trusted consultant and development firm.

Their marketing efforts have led to an average monthly rate of over 21,000 visitors and a massive amount of publicity. Along with their Dynamics 365 Partner of the Year award, they have also been mentioned in the San Diego Journal for their rapid growth and given glowing reviews by several of their CEO clients. Once a prospective client has approached the company, the sales department works  closely with the lead to address their challenges and identify their goals, and then works with the consulting department to develop the optimal strategy and customized tailored solution for their needs.

The business has been streamlined, established, and built up to the point where a buyer will be able to enjoy a solid foundation to work from. Though they have catapulted to the top since their founding, there is still a large amount of growth in their future, and many scale opportunities through which they could achieve it. For instance, as the company has been approached by hundreds of companies for customized solutions, they have been able to create several packaged solutions that can be used elsewhere and by other clients within the same or similar industries. These solutions can easily be rebranded and offered as standalone products, then marketed to specific industries for additional revenue.

The brand could also target trending industries, like enterprise software, to take advantage of the trends and the wave of clients that come with them. Other trends that they could expand upon include AI and IoT, which the company has already been working to explore.

However, one of the quickest ways through which the company could be scaled is marketing. They could cross-sell their services, generating more revenue from their established client base. They could also, given their connections with NetSuite and Microsoft, market more heavily to their users. Ultimately, a buyer would see excellent results simply by optimizing their sales and marketing tactics, allowing them to find more clients across more industries. The company has established themselves within a rapidly evolving field, and is well-regarded for their personalized solutions, deep industry expertise, and robust support and consulting services. In the hands of the right buyer, they could expand to not only other industries, but other regions of the world, as well.

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Asking Price
$ 12,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,763,312
Gross Income
$ 6,628,932
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