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Award Winning SBA Pre-Approved Performance Marketing & Advertising Agency - 537 Affiliates & 313 Advertisers - In-House Built Proprietary Technology - Strong Biz Dev Team in Place


Website Closers® presents an Award Winning Advertising Agency and Performance Marketing Firm with a core focus on Pay Per Call, Pay Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition Models. They are now an industry-leading marketing firm thanks to their amazing talent and proprietary technology that drives ROI for clients.

Now serving clients in top industries that include health care, automotive, life insurance and mortgages, the firm has 96 registered domains and an ability to scale by leaps and bound simply by turning each website into its own independent agency via d/b/a registration. This growth can be aggressive or smooth, based on the desires of new ownership.

After operating for nearly a decade, this agency’s affiliate networks have grown considerably, with 537 active affiliates on board, along with 131 advertisers. The success of their networks is vividly illustrated by the fact that their average affiliate earns $3,080 in revenue each month, with some of their most profitable affiliates earning as high as $32,000+ monthly.

As the host agency, this business takes on average 30% of those revenues as a fee, a very strong recurring revenue stream for them.

Much of their Affiliates successes are driven by having a talented team that assists their clients with generating more leads and sales. While affiliate networks may have started out as a way for online businesses to earn some passive income, today these networks enable businesses to grow substantially and use these platforms to rapidly increase their audience.

For this agency’s clients, their partners can advertise their products and services, bringing them quality online traffic that drives sales higher. This agency partners with high-performance publishers to maximize advertising revenue for their merchants, and that definitely gets the phones ringing. It’s become a surefire winning formula for everyone involved in the network.

To understand how just profitable affiliate networks have become and why this is a strong long-term investment, let’s take a closer look at this company’s unique history and growth.

Launched seven years ago, they are now an award-winning agency, known for their expertise in performance marketing. As more and more merchants have discovered the financial benefits of operating through affiliate networks, the company has grown significantly, and their different network platforms now have 500+ active affiliates participating. An additional 200+ marketers are on board and an additional 130+ advertisers.

Their affiliates are paid weekly, which helps to keep them motivated and on board for longer periods of time. The company’s contracts are set up to recur automatically unless the client opts to end them.

In the meantime, the company continues to attract new affiliates in a host of creative ways, including attending marketing events and trade shows, participating in industry online groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and advertising on different industry forums.

There are a number of immediate options for expanding their affiliate networks even further. A good example is the company’s highly profitable position among health insurance leads and sales. Bringing on additional insurance agents will help grow that vertical. Considering that the company already enjoys strong existing relationships with top insurance providers such as Allstate, the foundation has been created to get them there.

With 96 domains, a buyer could build out each brand domain, taking full advantage of the company’s talented in-house media team to scale quickly.

The company is already expected to continue growing steadily as their team understands how to add and nurture their advertisers and affiliates, and their actual business costs are low since most of their internal business activities take place virtually. While the company does have an administrative office, the entire business could easily be operated remotely.

Their team now includes four full-time employees and 26 contractors who manage all daily operations. Their workers cover all aspects of operations, including business development, accounting, management of the clients and the affiliates, and management of their vendors. The current ownership, which works as little as 10 hours per week or less running the company, strives to get this internal team to hit goals for consistency and for successfully improving their longterm growth.

Their success is reflected in the awards they have received, including getting recognized as being among the Top Companies to Work With (Offervault Silver Award for 2022) and the Best Performance Marketing Agency for Corporate Vision (Martech Awards 2022). Even if a buyer is relatively new to affiliate networks, this company has a strong management team and the infrastructure to keep operations running smoothly, profitably, and with growth opportunities abounding.

The company keeps a continuous focus on their own growth, and has used social media marketing and SEO to expand their customer base.

They now have 3,700+ Facebook followers and nearly 2,000 on Instagram, attracting new customers through the organic traffic that these social media platforms generate. The same is true of their use of keywords to boost their rankings in search engines.

The company also benefits enormously from word-of-mouth referrals from their publishers and advertisers who are happy to spread the word about their networks, services and expertise.

PPC ads are also used on Google and Facebook to drive sales higher.

The company has also continued to diversify into new verticals, including air conditioning, motor vehicle accident legal representation, home services, plumbing, roofing, solar installation, walk-in tubs, window installation and appliance repair. Each new affiliate represents an opportunity to continue growing that single vertical into a far more lucrative network.

With affiliate marketing projected to have a market value of $17 billion in 2023, and with spending on this form of marketing now being done by 83% of marketers in the U.S., this agency’s expertise is a very powerful financial tool for any buyer to tap into.

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Asking Price
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$ 1,461,463
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$ 6,393,375
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