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B2B Agency that Builds Websites, Sales Funnels and Lead Generation Techniques for the Health, Beauty & Wellness Vertical – Monthly Recurring Revenue Model – Highly Automated Workflow


Website Closers® presents a marketing and consulting B2B agency that offers its unique branding services for Health, Beauty & Wellness companies operating within the fast-growing Body Contouring and Red Light Therapy Verticals. Offering website and sales funnel building for these companies, the brand has attracted entrepreneurs eager to take advantage of the increased popularity of body contouring and to find a way to attract customers to their services. With the weight loss industry doing exceptionally well today, this brand has attracted clients eager for their assistance in generating new clients.

The company’s approach is simple and effective. They help businesses in the health and beauty niche spaces acquire new clients by setting up a new marketing promotion for them using red light therapy treatment as an introductory offer. The businesses are then taught how to sell the promotion. These promotional red light therapy services help business create a rapport with their customers. That converts to sales of the business’ primary services or to the red-light devices or supplement continuity program. Weight loss and red-light therapy are used as the promotion because of the wide consumer interest in losing weight.

A key part of this company’s quick success was in recognizing a clear opening within the weight loss industry, which is valued at $78 million in the U.S. alone. While this industry encompasses a wide range of services, from health clubs to diet drugs and medical programs such as weight loss surgery, the body contouring industry is soaring in popularity, thanks to support from millennials.

The global body contouring market is valued at $6.5 billion and is projected to reach $9.6 billion by 2026. Body contouring, the process of reducing the remaining fat after a person has lost weight, is seeing its profits driven by rising obesity rates around the globe. Today North America is the leading body contouring market in the world, with sales driven by social media and the popularity of non-invasive procedures that have become uniquely appealing among weight-conscious consumers. That renewed interest has encouraged more entrepreneurs operating within the health and beauty field to market red light therapy devices for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits. Those entrepreneurs have become the backbone of this company’s efforts to turn their marketing and consulting services into a highly successful business operation.

Launched in August 2019, this company has targeted clients operating in this field, giving them the option of having their marketing created and managed for them to ensure they have consistent leads coming in. Their consulting services include teaching the clients’ staff how to talk to patients in a way that drastically improves close rates. As the company has noted to prospective clients, great patient results lead to glowing reviews — and that leads to great referrals.

In effect, their system is designed to generate referrals, which is why all their clients have come to them from past referrals. By teaching clients how to sell red light treatment packages once the new leads come in, the company has relationships that quickly turn into new sales. That practically makes this brand’s clients their sales team as well.

Their services attract a range of small business clients. This firm’s primary customer demographics include owners of chiropractic businesses and beauty salons, and those who want to open a health and beauty related businesses of their own. The services they provide include social media ads, Groupon offers, scripts the client’s staff can use to close sales, customized patient measurement forms, treatment packages, and their own branded eCommerce store so patients can continue to buy from them for years to come. The company builds effective sales pages inside of a sales funnel so the business can grow online, while pointing their customers directly to the single product or service they need most to help solve their problem. Focusing on the red-light therapy niche has enabled this brand to achieve rapid success with businesses operating in the beauty and health services industry, including chiropractors, salons, fitness centers and others.

Their marketing budget is zero and their workload is low. Relying entirely on referrals, this company has needed no investment in any kind of additional marketing plans, although they have tools for strong growth, including an email database of 50,000+ subscribers that could be targeted with new digital marketing plans. Additionally, an SEO program on their website that includes an educational and informative blog would also provide this company with a significant scale boost.

This is a business with no daily tasks to perform. In fact, the current ownership spends fewer than 10 hours per week running it. Most of the owner’s time is spent onboarding new clients and building out what is needed for their funnel and landing page. The owner is prepared to stay on post-acquisition in some capacity so the buyer will be successful at operating this business. No special skills are needed to run it. All that is needed is to apply the system that the owner created, and the owner is available to train anyone on how to do that.

With millions of Americans interested in some kind of weight loss plan, the body contouring industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate, which is encouraging more and more businesses to invest in high-demand red light therapy services. The genius of this business was in recognizing that trend and creating marketing services that help those businesses succeed.

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