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B2B Brand in the Floral Supplies Vertical – eCommerce, Wholesale & Direct Sales Channels – All Growing – Over 2,000 Wholesale Accounts


Website Closers® presents a business with a remarkable legacy and multiple brands in the Floral Supplies vertical. The company has been in business for decades, and while traditionally operated as a wholesaler and direct seller to Floral Shops all across the country, their expansion into eCommerce has accelerated growth in recent years. Today, all 3 channels are growing equally, so there has been no slow down in wholesale or direct sales, even as their online sales have grown tremendously. Most of their rapid growth online has come through

This thriving enterprise, which celebrated their Centennial in 2015, today offers more than 10,000+ SKUs for retailers, while servicing more than 2,000+ wholesale customers, many of them having been purchasing from this business for many years now, giving them a consistent and reliable source for recurring sales.

Amazon has proven to be a boon to the company’s profitability. They now have several top sellers on Amazon and have received numerous Amazon Choice and best seller badges, along with glowing customer reviews that praise the company’s products and customer service.

The company has become a leading importer in the floral industry and provides Floral Shops with every conceivable product they might need to run their business, focusing today on wholesale and bulk floral supplies. The company has cultivated a loyal following for reliably supplying everything from artificial flowers to plants, vases, candles and plenty of other accessories. This is a vast industry, considering that the U.S. floral gifting market was valued at $12.5 billion in 2021. Projections are that this revenue will grow to $17.02 billion by 2027. In Q1 2022, sales for this company grew by 25%, demonstrating just how solid the demand remains for their unique products.

High-quality floral supplies are something consumers and Floral Shops will pay a premium for, and with the high demand for these products at special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate meetings, and the holidays, the US floral market is booming in-store, online, and through mobile sales. With that kind of vibrant market to cater to, this company has only grown stronger in the online age. That growth enabled the company to create three divisions: selling directly to wholesalers, direct sales to retail establishments in the NYC area, and eCommerce. On the whole side, these clients have given the company a nearly 100% Repeat Customer Rate for their B2B sales, which includes a fast-growing number of international floral wholesalers.

They operate across multiple sales channels. Their decision to expand sales online, through their own website and Amazon, has enabled the company to offer competitive pricing and reliable service to both their DTC and B2B clients. With 500+ listings on Amazon, the company’s many 5 Star reviews demonstrate how they’re associated with top quality products.

Those products are manufactured directly for this brand, sourced by their own mold. Since creating a sales platform on Amazon, 99% of their products are their own brand that buyers can’t find elsewhere.

Customer service is also an important hallmark of the company’s success. The company has strong, long-standing relationships with their suppliers, which has enabled them to continue expanding the number of SKUs offered, while their Amazon platform gives them the added advantage of using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for speedy deliveries via Prime 1- or 2-Day Shipping. Today, the company maintains $3.5 million in inventory to keep up with customer demand.

As a business that has been operating profitably for decades, the company additionally benefits from having an experienced and skilled team in place. Their 23 employees handle all aspects of the company’s tasks, a key reason why sales remain so strong.

Their eCommerce site has plenty of growth options. Since floral arrangements and floral gifts are in high demand today, the company’s DTC sales have gotten stronger around Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and during wedding season. While the company maintains a very strong wholesale market, eCommerce has enabled the company to attract customers from around the globe, and today 60% of their sales come from their online platforms.

eCommerce provides the company with excellent scale opportunities. A major option would be for the company to launch additional online sales platforms on popular sites such as Walmart and Target, while using advanced digital marketing to provide a major boost those online accounts.

Social media marketing and email marketing campaigns remain an untapped source for expanding their organic traffic and their customer base, while an SEO program on their website would do the same.

As a long-standing provider within the floral industry, the company could launch an educational industry blog on their website to attract new customers, both DTC and B2B.

Their wholesale market also has enormous growth potential, especially since they now have steady recurring revenues, and could build on that by expanding into the live flower business. The company has a sales team ready to market new products like that, and the company could extend its marketing outside the New York City area into all 50 states. Every wholesaler, big box stores and floral shop in the country would become a prospective client.

Longevity brings a lot of strengths to a business: an outstanding reputation for high quality, an understanding of what the market is looking for, and the right team to deliver products in a fast and reliable way. The fact that this well-established wholesaler now has proven its skill at eCommerce is further proof of how strong this offering is.

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