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B2B & DTC eCommerce Brand in the Consumer Tech Products Space – In-house Design, Engineering & Manufacturing of all Products – 36% YOY Growth – IoT Tech-Enabled


Website Closers® presents a Consumer Products Company that both designs and sells useful and popular household and garden products to consumers and businesses. All products are engineered in-house and are fully branded with the company’s registered trademark for use in many different applications. This company has become a leader in their respective niche given their expert knowledge and ability to design and develop home appliances and garden tools that take the hard work out of regular tasks such as water filtration and lawn care.

The company also employs their own in-house manufacturer with experience in the research and development of advanced technologies. An example of this is the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology within their portable Air Conditioners that can be conveniently controlled by Wi-Fi via voice or mobile app technology.

Their products are doing well, tracking to a 36% Year Over Year growth rate with sales conducted across Amazon, Walmart and Wayfair and recently catching the attention of big box retailers including Lowes, Home Depot and Costco.

The brand is 100% Proprietary. Focusing mainly on home improvement, lawn and garden care, and ultrasonic cleaners and shower heads, the company operates as both a B2B and DTC eCommerce business, selling its products directly to Amazon’s Vendor Central and Walmart, along with other channels.

Since first launching in 2013, their state-of-the-art home products have been very well received, including their reverse osmosis water filtration system, created for use under the homeowner’s sink; their electric garden tools; a portable air-conditioner with mobile app and Alexa controls; and programmable wall outlets.

The company took their proprietary products a step further by also creating a battery system for their 15 SKUs. Their innovation in creating these products has enabled the company to bring in $6+ million in revenue this year, enjoy net margins that are consistently at 30%+, and to receive net income that is consistently in the 7 figures.


Their sales platforms are strong and growing. Amazon and Walmart have proven to be excellent platforms for the company’s sales. The brand receives weekly purchase orders valued on average at $100,000+, although it’s not uncommon for orders to be $300,000 and higher.

The company ships weekly to Amazon and can handle 30% more volume in their current 5,000 square foot warehouse. To keep up with demand, the company maintains up to $3 million worth of inventory. The company benefits as well from having an experienced team in place. While the current ownership focuses on tasks that include supplier oversight and managing the staff, employees include a Customer Service representative, manager of the Amazon and Walmart accounts, and two warehouse managers who coordinate the packing and shipping of inventory.

Their experience has enabled the company to attract glowing reviews on the platforms where there products are sold for not just the high quality of their products but also their customer service. They maintain a 4.5 Seller Rating on Amazon.

The company continues to innovate. More innovations are on the way. The company’s Mobile App is used for air conditioner control, and they have enjoyed more than 20,000+ downloads, with 2,000+ daily users taking advantage of the app in the summer months.

The company is now developing a new version of its popular water filtration system to monitor the daily volume of water being consumed in the household, so the customer can be reminded when the filter is due to be replaced. Innovation has been a hallmark of this company, and a key reason for their success and high profitability. In making this acquisition, the buyer gets to own the company’s trademark in the U.S., along with their stellar reputation within the home automation industry and their impressive recurring revenues.

With such critically acclaimed products to offer, the company is poised to scale quickly by expanding sales internationally through Amazon’s platforms, expanding the product line to focus on the universal battery system and the app, and partnering with shopping networks and Home Goods Channels to showcase their products.

Contact Website Closers today to learn how this thriving company with smart home technology is also an exceptionally smart investment.

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Asking Price
$ 8,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,965,413
Gross Income
$ 6,487,097
Year Established