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B2B eCommerce Brand in the Children’s Medical Kit Vertical – Award Winning Products – 18 Years in Business


Website Closers® presents a care-driven offering centered in the highly lucrative market of Medical Kits geared towards Children as well as Adults. Displaying a multi-branded & protected product line of First Aid Kits, Ice Packs, Antibacterial Wipes, and other PPE items, this brand has the expertise to become even more of a household name and a mainspring for industrial fortification — with an endearing design aesthetic to boot.

With 18 years of operational experience and a singular goal to provide kid-friendly healthcare solutions to current and future markets, this company resides in a unique niche between private label and largely branded entities. Generating strong sales on eCommerce channels like & Shopify, this B2B company has a high stake in medical and mass retail sectors. Award-winning and Pediatrician recommended, their products have come across many a stay-at-home parent or doting elementary educator.

Candidly, the market for baby & childcare products has always held steady and ever-increasing, the globe’s current population growing every second. Its present worth is approximately $67.35 billion, and the global first aid kit market is worth about $166.40 million. This enterprise feeds both influential markets handily.

With the recent insurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale of baby care products witnessed a mixed impact. The bulk purchase of products like diapers and baby food drove the market considerably, but this brand found capital in an equally profitable area of commission: specialized medical kits.

Taking advantage of the market climate, this company adapted its product line to include masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer for a period — a tactful strategy to grow & protect its assets. As things are slowly returning to normalcy, they’ve transitioned back to their initial product offerings and are continuing to cater to their niche market field by supplying refined products and appealing to a broad consumer demographic.

Each of their 16 colorful and attention-grabbing SKUs is sourced domestically and internationally, some coming from Israel & China through U.S. contacts. Their offerings range from fully fledged, charmingly themed first aid kits to fun and functional reusable ice packs. Marked for their innovative packaging and all-around engaging balance between marketability and family-oriented serviceability, they’ve been able to acquire decade long accounts with industry titans like Walmart, Target and Office Depot with impressive repeat order rates from customers.

These vendor relationships have extended their capital 30-60 terms which ultimately aided in eliminating additional overhead and loans. Their manufacturing is focused within the United States with capabilities in Asia as well.

This company experiences routine seasonality, finding periods of high sale in the spring and summer months, but have recently seen those sales expand further into fall and winter.

Currently run by a husband-and-wife duo who handle all aspects of the business, daily tasks include bookkeeping, vending, marketing, supply chain, and fulfillment. Since 2004, they’ve broadened their assembly practices, outsourcing employment from the disabled and aiding in job security for the United States job market. This in turn, allows them free warehousing space and cost-efficient order achievement. Hoping to lift some of the weight from their shoulders, they are looking to find a buyer with similar business instinct who will hire on a staff to execute delegation. The current owners are willing to stay on and provide assistance following the transition.

Positioned perfectly for scale in all areas, this business is a promising candidate for growth. Relying primarily on word of mouth as a means of consumer traffic, an incoming buyer could introduce an impactful SEO program to boost marketability. They have a finely tuned and informational blog on their site, providing educational tools on childcare to their customers.

Adding in affiliate programs and forming partnerships with online influencers like blogger moms who carry an interest in products like these would promote brand awareness and expand their customer base. Implementing a resurrection of their current social media pages that hold a collective of 22,000+ followers and utilizing other social mediums like Tik Tok and YouTube for promotion could aid in increasing clientele as well.

Augmenting their proprietary line of products and expanding into new marketplaces will forge increased revenue for this company, allowing them to market their first aid kits to a more generalized audience. Developing a comprehensive PPC program and utilizing channels like AdWords, Facebook, or Pinterest offer opportunity to expand into international markets and extend this company’s reach.

With a highly stylized set of SKUs, a fortified customer demographic with little to no signs of wavering, and excellent, long lasting vendor relationships, this company has proven strengths worthy of any type of buyer. Their products hold a special place in the hearts of parents across the country and the acquiring party will do well with the knowledge that they are taking on a company that understands the importance of both quality and care.

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$ 15,300,000
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$ 3,262,438
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$ 18,558,239
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