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B2B eCommerce Brand of Specialty Salon Equipment – Selling Direct to Professional Hair & Beauty Salons across the US – 80% Shopify & 20% Amazon Sales Channels


Website Closers® presents an innovative B2B eCommerce business that sells Specialty Salon Equipment to Professional Hair Salons, Beauty Salons and Stylists across the country. This company is seeing a sharp rise in sales as the beauty market continues to grow and thrive, while their customer base has expanded from 10,000 to 15,000+ in the past year alone.

Carrying a stunning 43% annual growth rate, and operating effectively for more than 5 years, this brand offers more than 30 highly sought-after, fully branded SKUs. They are well on their way to becoming a national salon equipment leader and could solidify their hold on this evergreen market with the enhancement of current marketing strategies and innovative product expansion.

Providing top of the line, branded SKUs to all corners of the hair cutting industry for more than 5 years, this company has made a name for themselves by providing the highest quality beauty salon and spa equipment at very competitive pricing. Beauty salons quickly became this brand’s top customer base. Business has been booming in the past few years.

The company currently provides salon supplies such as hair dryers and processors, hair straighteners and irons, styling chairs and stations, and nail care equipment. This leaves a big opportunity in the more consumable items such as styling products, hair care products, shears, razors, and cleaning solutions. Now that the relationships and repeat orders are occurring, adding new SKUs to this B2B audience would be seamless. Branching into the maintenance and care of these products is also a highly promising path to growth.

The salon industry is a vibrant and fast growing one, giving this company the ability to continue marketing to new or expanding businesses. Expanding the product line also lets this company upsell newer products to existing clients. Salons use a lot of equipment and this company could increase its offerings to allow for ever changing styles and function upgrades.

Channel diversification is a tried-and-true path to growth as well. This company now sells only through its Shopify site and Amazon. Shopify represents 80% of sales, and Amazon represents 20%. Expanding onto and outside of the US onto international Amazon storefronts as well as on popular B2B hubs that focus on the Salon industry could prove exceedingly impactful.

Further growing their existing channels, this company could promote both digital storefronts more aggressively by scaling PPC ads and optimizing each product listing with SEO keywords to take those sales to a whole new level. An international expansion would provide another excellent option. So far, this company has only sold products in the U.S., but they have received order requests for their products from other countries, particularly Canada and Mexico. Amazon’s platform in Canada would be ideal for marketing SKUs to salons in that country, and the same could be done using Amazon’s platforms in the European Union, Mexico, and Australia.

The company’s primary lead generation tools include social media and email marketing. In both cases, this company is extraordinarily well positioned to continue growing. With 14,100+ followers on Facebook, 11,800 + on Instagram, and more than 7,000+ monthly views on Pinterest this brand has clearly made their online presence known. These followings are invaluable for boosting organic traffic to their website. This, along with a powerful SEO program, which includes a blog on their website, deliver incredible organic traffic to the website. In fact, since ramping up these initiatives the company now enjoys 20,000+ average monthly visits, a solid line of traffic.

The current owner recently launched a new theme to the site and rewrote the product descriptions and added more helpful information. Within a few days, the conversion rate was up by over 20%. Email marketing has been another strong growth tool for the company, which has 16,000+ email subscribers in its database, which has been effectively used to introduce new products to existing customers. Finally, PPC ads on Google and Facebook have helped expand the customer base as well.

Increasing the brand’s investment in each one of these digital marketing campaigns could be used to help this business expand effectively. The company could increase its digital ad spend, while posting on the blog more frequently to expand organic traffic.

The company currently sells to individual hair stylists, salons, and beauty parlors, but could begin offering wholesale to larger distributors.

This is a highly automated business, one that the current owner spends just 5-10 hours per week operating. The system operates so smoothly that the owner’s focus is on placing new orders with suppliers, coordinating logistics, and responding to customer service tickets. The company now receives 30-50 customer service inquiries a day. The owner has no full-time employees but employs contractors to handle customer service and web development.

Carrying a high average order value of $700, with virtually all their SKUs being fully branded, this is an unshakable company in the constantly growing beauty market. They enjoy a strong 4.5 Seller Rating on Amazon, and business has nearly doubled each year, during the past few years.

Having such a strong and proven track record over the past five years for producing consistent cash flow and jaw-dropping growth demonstrated just how strong an investment this company is.  And, it has yet to fully hit its strode. Positioned for explosive moving forward, this brand is strategically placed in an ever-growing field with plenty of room to bloom, and now it’s up to a new buyer to see just how far it can go.

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Asking Price
$ 5,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,026,986
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$ 3,225,205
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