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B2B eCommerce Business in the Automotive Equipment Vertical – 30 Years in Business – Private Label Brand – $4,000 AOV – Customers are Primarily Mechanics & Auto Shops


Website Closers® presents a B2B eCommerce Brand in the Automotive Service Equipment Space, selling via its Exact Match Domain Website primarily to Mechanics, Auto Enthusiasts, Auto Shops and City, State and Federal Governments across the country. Examples of their product assortment include Car Lifts, Alignment Racks & Systems, Tire Changers, Wheel Balancers, A/C Machines and Air Compressors. Basically, anything a Mechanic or Auto Repair Shop might need to work on their customers’ vehicles is sold by this Internet Company. As a nationwide distributor, products are shipped from its warehouses across the country, and this process has been in place for 30 years. Averaging 1,500-2,000 website visitors per month and a high AOV of around $4,000, this market leading brand has been offering quality, long-lasting products to the industry for 3 decades. They sell a sought-after line of proprietary products under their own brand name along with a variety of third-party equipment that keeps consumers coming back. In fact, the business carries a 15% Repeat Order Rate. In addition to selling equipment online across the US, they also provide repair services across the state of Florida with a predominant focus on the Central Florida area.

The company has relationships in place with multiple funding sources to provide real time financing options for its customers, something that has become a dominant factor in this company’s success; since auto shops tend to operate on slim margins, financing these large purchases right from the website is both convenient and high effective.

With 3 decades of experience in operation and over 100 years of experience among its staff members, the 2,500 SKUs sold by this company are backed by strong, intelligent customer service that helps to ensure the highest onsite conversion rates. Recognized throughout the market for their consistency and quality, this company has earned an inimitable reputation in the automotive repair community that pushes this brand into a class of their own.

A strong history in vertical with a gleaming reputation makes this business an appealing choice for an acquisitive buyer looking to grow an already-established online automotive business. On an already powerful growth trajectory, this company is ready for a new owner to steer it in the right direction. Their in-person services, including repair and installation, are currently focused in the Central Florida region, but their accomplishments span the entire state. That being said, the bulk of their sales are completed online and the new owner would easily be able to coordinate these services remotely. And if these services are interesting to a buyer, they could be expanded to additional cities and states around the nation.

This company is an excellent choice for investors seeking steady, recession-proof growth. Over 90% of US households have at least one motor vehicle, ensuring no shortage of potential customers. The company’s offerings include both repair services and online auto repair equipment sales, giving it a wide net over DIY customers, commercial shops, and those who would rather a repair technician see to the details.

They earn an impressive online traffic flow of 1,500 to 2,000 visitors per month. They have established social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram – both of which are positioned to see excellent follower growth under an effective social media strategy. Their ecommerce website features a blog that presents an excellent opportunity for a dedicated buyer with top-notch marketing skills to drive further traffic through SEO. Repair blogs are very popular amongst the auto parts community and are an excellent way to reach new customers.

Additional growth for this already flourishing business can be achieved through expanding the current Google advertising strategy currently in place, as well as taking on a more aggressive social media outreach. They currently have no presence on Amazon, but their wide selection as well as excellent service make them a prime candidate for Amazon FBM. In addition to this, order volume and fulfillment rates could be vastly improved by hiring a 3PL to manage orders. A new owner with strong marketing skills could easily double website traffic and heavily increase sales by utilizing these avenues.

Household consumers currently make up 25% of the auto parts and repair market, and a more active advertising and SEO presence could easily tap into this substantial market share. Offering additional accessories and parts more suitable to the household market would also greatly boost sales. The DIY movement is on the rise, so populating the already existing blog with more relevant information highlighting the company’s products could open access to a range of new customers.

The business is positioned to see rapid expansion by adding employees. In-person sales growth opportunities are currently limited by staff but adding an additional 1-2 salespeople and one more technician could allow for a higher volume. This is a full-time business, requiring 40-50 hours of weekly work. Orders are placed for new inventory nearly every day, and current space requirements call for a 1,000 square foot warehouse. The need for physical warehouse space could be reduced or completely removed by employing 3PL for shipping. In addition to this, 1-2 customers’ orders are shipped daily. There are currently about 35-40 daily customer service contacts, including emails, texts, and social media. Positioned for steady growth and an increase in profitability, this company is revved up and ready to go. The industry is expected to see considerable growth in the coming years, and unlikely to be hampered by economic downturns. By expanding staffing and employing more aggressive online advertising, an enterprising new owner could take this opportunity to a whole new level.

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Asking Price
$ 425,000
Cash Flow
$ 151,438
Gross Income
$ 991,351
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