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B2B eCommerce Retailer providing Customized Electronics Accessories to Business Clients – 20% Repeat order Rate – 200% YOY Revenue Growth


Website Closers® presents an innovative website that offers customizable electronics accessories. The company operates as a business to business (B2B) eCommerce retailer, delivering strong revenue that achieved 200% YOY growth over the prior year, and has an Average Order Value of $3,750. Selling their high quality products to household names such as Stanford University and Mercedes-Benz, this brand has made a name for themselves in the corporate world for branded accessories and trade show products. With a multitude of dynamic options, this noteworthy vendor has a strong 20% repeat customer rate with no current retargeting campaigns.

Sporting a newly redesigned website, this cutting-edge offering works with clients across a multitude of industries to produce phenomenal products unique to each company. Selling only from their own website at the moment, this company can see tremendous returns with the addition B2B sales channels like eBay, Etsy, and other popular platforms as well as with the development of a stronger direct to consumer pipeline.  Bringing a vast and untapped email database, this company may also see striking sales spikes with the addition of email marketing and sales team members. Finally, building out current B2B offerings with bundles and wholesale options could lead to exceptional profit growth and lasting success in this industry.

The new website design recently rolled out seamlessly incorporates powerful modern SEO techniques that have already proven to be remarkable assets to this company’s continued growth. Building upon this, a business-minded buyer could expand this brand’s reach through stronger Google campaigns through the use of tools like Google AdWords and a Google My Business profiles. Additionally, branching this company’s offers out onto popular purchasing platforms can be advantageously accompanied by platform specific targeting, retargeting, and PPC campaigns. These opportunities along with this business’ considerable awareness, existing corporate connections, and powerful production capabilities are ready to scale exponentially in the right hands.

Responsible for all global sales, the current owner of this company dedicates a maximum of 20 hours each week to running this company. With a highly streamlined framework, this company leverages their strong vendor relationships to maintain quality and order fulfillment while all inbound messaging is handled by the owner and all outbound messaging is crafted by a skilled content marketing company. When looking to grow this business expeditiously,  a sales team may deliver outstanding results as more than 78% of contracts in this space go to the first vendor to respond.

Currently, this business focuses all their marketing efforts into search advertising and content marketing. This strategy brings in qualified lead, but much more can be done – including more development of the brand in social channels. As an environmentally friendly company that strives for sustainability, this business should see significant consumer and corporate interest alike with the addition of LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages and campaigns.

At the moment, this company is seeing incomparable sales that are projected to skyrocket as the pandemic subsides. As companies increasingly grow in revenue and confidence, more orders and consistent contracts are predicted to come through taking this opportunity from remarkable to completely unrivaled as it grows in value and profits.

From the promise of a healing economy to the diverse and vast avenues to extended growth open to a fully established brand like this one within the custom technology accessories market, this target is an invaluable investment for any type of buyer.

This eCommerce Website Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet & Website Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2204


Asking Price
$ 1,053,000
Cash Flow
$ 322,059
Gross Income
$ 748,988
Year Established