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Baby Products Direct to Consumer eCommerce Brand – Fully Patented & Trademarked – 10X YOY Earnings Increase


Website Closers® presents an exciting eCommerce Brand with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other supporting Intellectual Property in the Baby Products Sector. The company has been built from the ground up as a Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce Brand and has a number of large-scale products that have already passed the R&D stage and are now ready for marketing and sales.

Additionally – the company has yet to focus any energy on Amazon, where an Amazon specialist could take this already highly successful consumer product and more fully develop sales. Specializing in patented kids’ playpens that also come in pet sizes and any color of the rainbow, this brand has earned an average order value $135 along with a 5X YOY sales growth rate and a 10X YOY earnings growth rate.

Carrying international patents for their products along with a 5X ROAS, this company leverages a strategic mix of social media, paid media, and direct email advertising to generate traffic and conversions. Selling through their own site, Amazon, and Walmart, this brand is well known throughout the Baby Products, Kids Products, Toys & Games, Outdoor Goods, Camping, and Pet verticals.

Selling through their own highly branded website along with Amazon and Walmart, this vibrant company has earned an invaluable industry reputation delivering a jaw-dropping 5x ROAS. Ever-increasing their awareness and engagement across the Baby Product, Kids Product, Toys & Games, Outdoor Goods, Camping, and Pet industries, this compelling business carries more than 18 high-power SKUs.

With fully registered patents and trademarks for both the brand and products, this company is ready for international expansions throughout Canada, Australia, and Japan. In fact, extending their highly ranked Amazon presence into these markets would be effective and easy for any incoming buyer. Additionally, scaling onto Etsy and camping focused digital storefronts may prove incomparably valuable.

An engaging and colorful brand, this company carries more than 38,000 Instagram followers and 19,000 on Facebook. This company currently leverages both paid and organic posts for maximized brand exposure. Growing these lucrative interactions, a new owner could employ content marketing and other SEO tactics to bring additional interest and awareness to their spanning brand. Engaging with brand ambassadors, affiliates, and influencers may also sales and brand adoption throughout the digital space.

Carrying such a high AOV and YOY rates, this company has achieved an incredibly promising business model. Already earning a 15% repeat order rate, expanding this company’s awareness, reach, and product lines could lead to dramatic and lasting growth.

The product lines currently in development are very promising and can help this company soar now that the sales channels and cross selling is an opportunity. The company goes through a rigorous IP and Supply/Logistics process in the development of new products; this goes a long way to ensuring that after the money is spend on development, that there are available channels for immediate sales and that moats are in place to protect the products. Ownership is offering a comprehensive new product launch plan that can be instituted right after closing.

Utilizing a dynamic mix of 3PL services and Amazon FBA, this company ships and packs effectively and without any extended effort. This business has an experienced and dedicated team in place that allows for a seamless and smooth transition. Additionally, the current owners would be happy to stay on with a minority stake in the company, this brand’s phenomenal growth opportunity is unshakable with the founders remaining on and helping a buyer further develop the business through synergies.

Beginning their Amazon expansion in late 2020, this seller has a limitless opportunity for growth on this platform should a buyer come in with experience selling on Amazon. This could then be replicated on Amazon’s international storefronts, Target, Etsy, Walmart, and other camping, child, and pet focused retail sites. Another lucrative path could be the build out of wholesale distribution routes. This fast-growing brand sold 3,500+ products in its first 30 days alone and has seen enviable stability, scaling, and profitability ever since. Originally selling only their Patented kids playpen, this company prides itself on quality, value, convenience, and lasting fun.

With their own internal branding and trademarks, their products have become known for ease of use, effective transport, reliable quality, and fun colorful design. Allowing families to pick up and bring child-safe and pet-safe spaces around with them has opened so many doors for new parents and those with the need for multipurpose spaces in their homes. Early, wide adoption has been a key to this business’ success, and they have seen their appeal gain ground in every sector and market space they’ve entered so far.

With the global baby market valued at 10.9 Billion USD, this company is poised for rapid and international expansion. This industry is predicted to see a steadily rising CAGR of 5.5% over the next 5 years. Operating in a high spending category, this business is seeing tremendous promise in the growing middle-class and widespread urbanization.

Consistently evolving lifestyles and cultural factors have led to increased value on early development tools across the world. Additionally, the global trend towards having children later in life has opened up another growing industry of pet care and enrichment. With more and more people treating pets as full-fledged family members, items like these are gaining market share across the board.

One of the biggest factors of this business is its rapid scaling to date and limitless opportunities to expand dramatically from here. Holding immensely valuable trademarks, an in-house research and development branch, and a myriad of new products just waiting to launch; this brand is strategically built for monumental growth and lasting success.

With an R&D department dedicated to quality, convenience, and sustainable value, this company has become a major competitor in both the baby and pet markets. From their store of promising new products and held industry patents to the business’ new channel development and opportunities for international standing, this incomparable brand brings a powerfully profitable and clear path forward to its lucky new owner.

This Consumer Products Brand Represented by:

Website Closers

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Listing ID: WC2332

Asking Price
$ 24,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 4,362,954
Gross Income
$ 21,469,341
Year Established