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Baby Products eCommerce Amazon FBA Brand – Leader in Potty-Training & Other Baby Categories – 200% YOY Growth – International Seller


Website Closers® presents a fully trademarked, international Baby Brand that has become a market leader in the Potty-Training Category on The company also sells Baby Products outside of Potty-Training, including Monthly Milestone Blankets, Gift Sets, Crawling Pads, Toys and more. Driving incredible consumer interest to these high-quality products, this company carries an average Product Rating between 4.5 and 5 stars and has a 99% Positive Lifetime Rating on Amazon.

Featured in a multitude of parenting publications, this company is well known across the industry and in eCommerce as the go-to source for unique, child focused products in potty training, toys, and more. Offering a vast array of intellectual property, in addition to their thoroughly branded products, this company has 7 accepted Copyrights, 1 Pending patent and 1 Trademark. A balanced eCommerce Retailer, this business promotes products through 11 sales channels that span from multiple international Amazon storefronts to their Shopify store,, eBay, and Walmart.

This business has achieved a 200%+ YOY profit and revenue growth rate on Amazon, and an incredible 1,000%+ YOY increase through Walmart that can be further capitalized by new ownership through increased listings, marketing practices and paid media development. Investing in influencer marketing and brand development could dramatically increase brand awareness and sales rates. And defining the brand through improved social media practices in addition to content marketing may prove incomparably lucrative as “baby blogging” is a wildly effective method of reaching this audience.

Requiring only 12 weekly hours from the current ownership, this company is easily managed and will be very easy to transition to a new owner. The new buyer will be expected to focus on new product development, listing maintenance, supplier coordination, and VA oversight. With a skilled team already in place that handles inventory management, order processing, client communications, listing creation and management, day-to-day seller support, PPC management, social media, bookkeeping, and product logistics development, this impactful brand is strategically developed for lasting success and a seamless transition. Leveraging a 98% FBA model, this company does not ship any of their products directly to clients.

By designing items that help parents teach their children, all while keeping the mindset of a child at the forefront, their innovative designs have seen tremendous efficacy and adoption rates, which is proven by both the company’s growth rate as well as the stellar product ratings. This unparalleled positioning has primed the business with the flexibility and audience influence necessary for promising opportunities in adjacent product categories. Utilizing this company’s unrepeatable reputation, a new owner could begin selling products for teething, learning, enrichment, food, formula, apparel, and more. Making the brand synonymous with the young childhood experience could springboard this company to new heights

Conversely, this business is already scaling remarkably and could benefit tremendously through the simple and swift action of listing more of their existing products on more of their sales platforms. With only 4 active SKUs on both their Walmart and Amazon UK storefronts as well as just 7 on their Canadian Amazon store, the incoming owner could impactfully scale revenue without either the development of new items or even a significant uptick in expenses.

A true industry leader, this compelling acquisition sells exclusive, fully branded products that parents and their children love. With strong net margins and a solid foundation, the business is set up for lasting success. Uniquely dynamic, the infant and children’s product category is always growing and changing which allows a strategically designed company like this limitless opportunities to scale. This one-of-a-kind investment speaks to both the parent and the child in an exceptionally lucrative way that the right buyer can take full advantage of for sustainable growth and success.

This Baby Brand Represented by:

Website Closers

Tech, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2257

Asking Price
$ 4,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 745,665
Gross Income
$ 2,916,280
Year Established