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Baby Products eCommerce Retailer in the Luxury Goods Vertical – 40,000 Social Media Followers – Direct to Consumer Sales – $450 AOV


Website Closers® presents a well branded Baby Products Company that doesn’t compromise on quality, functionality, or aesthetic. This eCommerce retailer specializes in Luxury Strollers, Car Seats, and Toys to drive healthy margins across the board. With more than 40,000 social media followers, the company has built a true brand and following that can be further expanded upon under new ownership.

The business has 40 SKUs that have been carefully curated to appeal to those with high-end tastes. These products carry an Average Order Value of $450 and a steady stream of profitable sales. An already global brand, they currently sell only through their own website to drive an average of 50,000 new visitors every month. Building on this exceptional foundation, a new owner can gain additional sales and consumer awareness very quickly by developing other digital sales channels, such as and … as well as wholesale options for interested brick and mortar resellers. Shifting to a hybrid shipping model with limited inventory for sales platforms such as Amazon and Etsy could result in a dramatic increase in overall sales.

The business has the foundation to quickly scale up the number of product offerings and in-house brands, and could also extend the focus into other segments of the baby market such as accessories, clothing, and more. Operating on a 100% drop ship model with minimal ownership oversight (and no current need for employees as-is), the current owner dedicates roughly 20-25 hours per week on the business. This work includes tracking advertising campaigns, addressing customer concerns, and placing product orders.

Building on a 5-year foundation of success and brand development in the social space, the business can be further developed on the marketing side. Currently, this brand leverages weekly social media posts, live Facebook chats, Google Shopping, along with network and community building, to drive traffic, awareness and conversions. An SEO plan is not currently being executed upon, so this is an opportunity for development as well … including the engagement in content and influencer marketing. These are well known, powerful strategies for the Baby & Kids Verticals.

Other phenomenally profitable paths to success in this industry center around industry share of voice. By partnering with other baby product providers such as formula companies, clothes brands, and diaper businesses, this offering could create a bundling or referral chain that skyrockets traffic for all those involved. Striking out on their own, a new owner could also simply create brand extensions for this company to begin offering products in these categories to develop this business into a one-stop-shop for all things baby.

An opportunity for unrivaled profits and an already well-known baby products company, this high-end eCommerce seller carries boundless opportunities than will only grow as time goes on. With strong existing sales trends, this company is strategically positioned to expand through the use of more sales channels, improved marketing tactics, and further SKU diversification. Currently offering more than 40 individual SKUs and compelling traffic rates of 50,000 new monthly visitors, this acquisition can be swiftly and effectively taken to the next level by a capable new owner.

This eCommerce Website Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2202

Asking Price
$ 594,000
Cash Flow
$ 182,669
Gross Income
$ 580,763
Year Established