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Bath & Body Products eCommerce Brand – 250+ Branded SKUs – Multi-Channel DTC & B2B Sales – 100% Made in the USA


Website Closers® presents a great opportunity to own a thriving eCommerce business that markets natural Organic Bath, Body and Personal Wellness products, a huge and growing industry as consumers shift toward all-natural products. Operating for more than a decade, this offering has cultivated such a massive customer base that it now offers 250+ Branded SKUs, which include the ingredients for individuals and companies to make their own wellness products. The company sells everything from Essential Oils, Butters, Waxes, Carrier Oils, Additives, Colorants, Soaps, Lotions, Pet Care, Gifts and so much more. A growing number of customers are now purchasing bulk sizes to break them down and resell for a profit.

Products are marketed at a wide range of prices, from $1.99 to $1,500. For handmade products they manufacture, the Average Order Value is $50. However, for their supplies and ingredients, the AOV is higher, around $650. The Bath & Body Products market is a booming one, with a particularly strong shift toward organic and cruelty-free products over traditional ones. The production of organic, vegan, or all-natural bath & body products has experienced growth of more than 170% in the past few years, as consumers become more conscientious in their lifestyle choices. More importantly, these products are enormously popular for reducing stress and helping people to relax and feel refreshed from a warm bath or long shower and they contribute to a desirable pampering experience. The global value for bath and shower products is now valued at $41.5 billion and is projected to reach $48 billion by 2022. This is an industry that’s evolving, following public trends, and reaping huge financial rewards from it.

Launched in 2010, the company set out to develop a strong position in this lucrative field. They are now a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent & trademark Office. In addition to their own website, they sell on Amazon and other sales channels. The brand’s approach from the start has been to listen to their customers and welcome feedback. They carefully review what customers are requesting and add products based on those demands. That’s enabled the company to grow its list of SKUs so dramatically to more than 200+. Their products are mainly sourced in the U.S., with some of their oils purchased in Asia. Their Essential Oils and Essential Oil Property Blends have become their top seller along with their Butters; both items represent 40% of sales.

Their customer base is very diverse and divided into two categories. DTC sales for their handcrafted items appeal mainly to women within the U.S., who typically spend between $75 and $100 on each purchase. Supply sales of ingredients are usually orders from small companies in the U.S. These companies typically spend a whopping $1,500 per month on products.

The company now enjoys a multichannel approach to sales, with 41% coming from Etsy, 27% from Amazon, 23% from their own website, 4% from eBay, and 2% from wholesale accounts. They maintain high seller ratings: 4.5 on Amazon, 5 Stars on Etsy and a Top Seller rating on eBay. The company stocks 100% of its SKUs and maintains $50,000+ worth of inventory at all times. In peak times, they are shipping 100 products a day from their 1,500 square foot storefront.

As part of their marketing efforts, the company employs email marketing and an SEO program that includes a blog on their website. Their email campaigns include monthly newsletters that feature recipes, and their blog is updated regularly. The brand also invests in PPC ads on Google to direct traffic to their website, and PPC ads on Amazon. The brand has a rewards program for $29 a month which has become quite popular. Customers earn points that can be cashed in for discounts on future purchases. This has helped boost their repeat customer rate, and so has a glossy coupon mailed out with every purchase that helps entice customers to revisit their shop.  There’s a major advantage to owning a company that has a decade of experience, including their recurring revenues, well-established reputation in a highly profitable niche field, and continuously expanding customer base.

Amazon provides the company with enhanced opportunities. The brand could add international shipping to their Amazon platform and expand sales onto that eCommerce giant’s overseas platforms. Right now, their sales are mainly in the U.S., but there are great opportunities available to them in Canada, the European Union, and Australia. The brand could also add more bulk sites and start listing all 250+ of their products on both Amazon and eBay, which would likely send profits soaring.

It now takes between 10 and 30 hours per week to operate this business, with tasks that include making products, gathering orders for shipping, handling inventory, accounting, and customer relations. The company has a part-time employee who ships orders and stocks products.

This company has done exceptionally well recognizing the kind of natural and organic products that customers want and have become a clear leader in the health and beauty category. Their Etsy store alone gets more than 70,000+ regular sales, and the company hasn’t come close to tapping out its scale potential. For a buyer, this is great opportunity to operate a highly successful business in a field that remains durable and very profitable.

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