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Beauty Accessories eCommerce Retailer | Amazon US, EU, UK and Canada | Private Lending in Place | 4 In-House Brands


The target is an International-in-Scope eCommerce Retailer that operates under 4 separate, in-house brands with sales primarily on the Amazon channel in the United States, UK, EU and Canada. Product offerings are in a host of verticals, to include Beauty Accessories, Wrist Watches, Photography Lighting Equipment, Party Accessories and much more – this diversification ensures consistent annual revenue streams regardless of season and helps to avoid concentration issues that other retailers can run into. The primary beauty brand offers a number of core SKUs of makeup organizers.

With 4 distinct branded lines with low seasonality concerns, this retailer is enjoying 19% YOY growth thanks to 98% Positive Lifetime Seller Reviews and strong customer loyalty. Diversification across a variety of verticals allows this savvy retailer strong growth potential, bolstered by an almost 100% remote fulfillment platform. Boasting solid SEO and a healthy social media presence, this company has already accrued a massive following of over 20,000 social media subscribers to date.

Note that Website Closers has Private Lending Partners in place to help Qualified Buyers acquire this company for as little as 10% down. Please let us know if you’re interested in such a lending opportunity (non-SBA); using other people’s money to acquire a business is the fastest way to achieving an ROI on your investment.

This branded Amazon and eCommerce seller also comes complete with fully functional supplemental sales channels such as eBay and Wal-Mart, making this a very nearly turn-key opportunity that asks very little of ownership in terms of workload thanks to its well-oiled underpinnings. The business enjoys built in diversification with an existing wholesale business and a prestigious relationship to sell big brand watches on Amazon.

Solid supplier relationships have been well-established over time by ownership, ensuring future access to not only eCommerce, but also wholesale and brick & mortar sales expansion in almost any market. This potent international performer boasts a highly attractive track record – this is a highly autonomous, reliably consistent and diversified profit center with immediate high-ROI growth opportunities available to new ownership on day one.


This International Retailer Represented by:
Technology & Internet M&A

Asking Price
$ 1,350,000
Cash Flow
$ 455,300
Gross Income
$ 2,163,000
Year Established