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Beauty, Skincare & Haircare eCommerce Brand – Amazon FBA – Strong YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents an accelerating eCommerce Brand that successfully operates in the Beauty, Haircare & Skincare Verticals. Providing a nice array of offers for each of these segments, the business has done exceedingly well through online sales channels, specifically as an Amazon FBA Retailer. As of the day of this writing, they have a #1 Best Seller Tag on Amazon and have thousands of reviews that average 4.5 out of 5 Stars on each product offered. Strong organic growth and the introduction of new products has enabled this brand to sharply increase its top line and attract rave reviews from buyers, many of them quickly becoming Repeat Customers.

With an Average Order Value of $22-$25, this brand has created a reliable revenue stream that leverages an effective social media presence. This opportunity boasts more than 12,000 followers on Instagram along with an email database of 3,000+ qualified leads.

Over the last year, this company has seen its sales on Amazon rise 25% Year over Year, and the brand now ranks very well for its products array. Specializing in skincare for men and women, as well as haircare and hair growth products, this spanning beauty brand is perfectly positioned for tremendous growth within a booming industry. They really are just getting started; what an amazing opportunity for a newcomer to the Amazon space to take the reigns of a high growth business, learn how to operate on the platform, and earn money to boot.

This brand, emerged in 2018 as the first to sell certain beauty products and kits on Amazon … allowing consumers to capitalize on the convenience of a full kit and the larger order value that comes with it. This company has earned a whopping 20% Repeat Customer Rate thanks to the successful and sticky nature of the brand. An incoming buyer could further utilize the recurring value of daily care items such as these by offering a subscription option or additional products in the vertical.

Continuing to launch new products related to dermatological treatments in what has become a rapidly growing field, the products offered by this company are being used more frequently by aestheticians, skin spas, dermatologists, consumers, and even plastic surgeons. The new owner of this business inherits a red-hot product line that is expected to experience massive growth in the coming years.  Building this opportunity further, these products are often used twice daily to drive unimaginable recurring customer rates.

Providing new products that connect and add to the existing SKUs (cleaners, lotions, moisturizers) and adding new types of beauty skincare tools such as toners, cleansers, reusable makeup pads, and more, are incredibly promising paths to extended revenues and success to a sticky brand. A new owner could also scale this company by marketing the products to the medical supply industry as a wholesale product, expanding from B2C to B2B revenue, and crafting skin care products for the burgeoning medical marijuana industry.

Serving a dynamic audience with a vast disposable income, this brand appeals to people of 15 to 65 years of age with a majority of their sales coming from those aged 20-45. As a wide group that is sure to return, this company has a strong market share in a sprawling industry that encouraging recurring revenue and SKU growth. Building on this strategic foundation that currently includes a powerful PPC campaign, an incoming buyer could begin influencer initiatives as well as create or enhance their social media presence on TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook, and more.

A beautifully developed opportunity in the unshakable Global Skin Care Industry, this compelling brand holds an invaluable and growing corner of a multi-billion-dollar field that is operating increasingly online. With lucrative offerings that lend themselves well to a tremendously advantageous subscription model and wholesale revenue streams, this thriving business has developed an entirely new product package and resulting niche in the evergreen and reliable beauty market.

Whether looking to capitalize on the company’s current standing and trajectory, or to build this brand into a veritable skincare and haircare empire, this is an acquisition that has tapped into the public’s passion for effective beauty and skin care products.  This company has an invaluable appeal in a brightly shinning industry that is unlikely to dim anytime soon.

This Amazon FBA Brand Represented by:

Tech, Internet & Amazon Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2266

Asking Price
$ 880,000
Cash Flow
$ 165,272
Gross Income
$ 868,384
Year Established