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For sale is a high growth, branded consumer product line. The company offers a targeted variety of cooking and grilling accessories, including barbecue gloves, pulled pork claws and marshmallow roasting sticks.

As with many eCommerce companies, the brand’s primary sales channel is However, the Company also has an attractive and well-designed website that is helpful in driving additional sales growth for current and future products.

The products sold by this eCommerce company are highly targeted, allowing for a laser-guided approach to marketing efforts and volume discounts. The current products include 5 SKUs that offer 3 high quality, well branded items targeting the BBQ/cooking segments, with one product tagged as a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. In its fourth year of business, YOY net sales are up almost 190% and YOY earnings are up almost 300%!

This business utilizes a very low overhead model, by using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) warehouses to store, pick, pack and ship all products. Amazon also handles most customer service inquires for its prime customers. Therefore, this business can be operated from anywhere with an Internet connection, without the need for employees, office space and other expenses that go with each of these.

The Company has just started its scale cycle. For instance, there remain a number of additional sales channels immediately available to the company, including: expanding the website and its online advertising footprint; growing an affiliate base; and expanding the existing product line. Now that the company has built its relationship with suppliers, it will be easy to further expand the business through just product expansion alone.

This business has three performance factors that make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd:

1. Branding. A new owner can use the brand to scale the ecommerce storefront and the brand (and its related keywords) on major search and comparison shopping engines.

2. Scale. Branded Consumer Products can be sold at wholesale, can be expanded to any online channel and can be sold worldwide (Amazon CA for starters). Using the power of an established brand, a buyer can accelerate sales and reap a great deal of profit.

3. Need. The primary products sold by the company are well-made and have appeal to an extremely large and growing audience of customers.

4. Evergreen. People will always cook out, making these products an evergreen consumer good, always in need.

This eCommerce Business Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 685,000
Cash Flow
$ 213,000
Gross Income
$ 786,000
Year Established

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