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Blockchain Service Provider – Develops, Assembles & Manages Web3 Solutions for B2B Enterprise Blockchain Integration – 62% YOY Growth – $35M+ IP Value

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Website Closers® presents a dynamic company that onboards enterprises to Web3, enabling them to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and future-proof their businesses. The company is globally active, with a hub in Europe.

It specializes in Supply Chain, Energy, Event Ticketing, and Telecoms with clients such as the NFL, NBA, Porsche, Bentley, VW, Dell, Sports Illustrated, Shell, Michael Jackson Estates, The Wolf of Wall Street, London Heathrow Airport, and Vodafone.

Management has never raised any capital, growing the venture organically instead. They achieved 12% EBITDA in the first two years, increasing dramatically to nearly 40% in the third year. The key value lies in the monetization of the vast IP that a larger entity with more resources could scale much faster.

The business model is creative and part of the company’s USP as to why it is generating income in a space that has relatively little. Clients are enticed by a relatively small monthly fee but pay a recurring share of their revenue increase or decrease in operational costs.

Thus far, lead generation is entirely network-based. The owner has hired consultants with networks to make friendly introductions and worked with them individually.

The typical customer either needs infrastructure for web3 in a secure, scalable manner or wishes to monetize their entertainment IP.

Most deals are exclusive and between 3 to 5 years in term, with an average size of $1 million. Managed service fees are billed monthly, setup fees on completion, and revenue share quarterly.

Core services are focused on BaaS, NFT Marketplaces, and Token creation.

Various examples illustrate the company’s broad service offerings and value provided:

ULDs and IoT on Blockchain: Air freight cargo containers, called ULDs, often get misplaced, causing airline operational hassles. The company proposed embedding IoT devices in ULDs and logging their data on a blockchain for a prominent international airport. This tech combination offers real-time tracking, enhanced security via a decentralized database, and scalable data management, potentially mitigating the issue of lost ULDs.

Web3 Integration: A leading technology communications company wanted to tap into the decentralized Web3 landscape for its business clientele. The team provided the needed bridge, linking the company’s Digital Asset Broker platform to its network. This connection means the technology communications company’s business users can now seamlessly and securely interact with multiple trusted blockchains facilitated by the DAB IoT Identity Passport.

A Cashback Platform’s Financial Challenges: A prominent platform faced user experience hurdles due to slow banking processes and financial liabilities from unredeemed cashbacks. The company introduced a dual token blockchain solution, including a tradeable cryptocurrency and tokens pegged to fiat currencies but representing negative value. This innovative approach led to instant, fee-free payouts for users, while the business witnessed a substantial decrease in liabilities and a boost in profit margins.

Ticketing Problem: Music events often see tickets quickly bought by scalpers, who then resell them at high markups, leaving genuine fans at a loss. The team tackled this with a digital ticketing wallet. This system not only ensures tickets reach true fans but also offers organizers added revenue streams like merchandise and NFT sales. By centralizing fan interactions and sales within one platform, event organizers can better engage with and reward their audience, ensuring a fair and enriching experience for all.

The owner has reduced his workload to around 30 hours weekly by hiring a CEO to run and grow various aspects of the business. His primary tasks now include closing some deals when needed and liaising with the CEO to map the IP to solutions for clients as he starts to build the commercial engine.

Approximately 30 employees work for the company and will remain postacquisition.

This industry is expected to grow at an astonishing 42.99% CAGR over the next eight years, presenting enormous potential for an experienced strategic group to scale the business to unprecedented heights.

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Technology Business Brokers

WC 3218

Asking Price
$ 125,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 8,629,961
Gross Income
$ 17,235,571
Year Established

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