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Book Publishing & Service Provider for Authors – 71% YOY Sales Growth – Distribution Rights Maintained on all Books – Experienced Team in Place


Website Closers® presents a Worldwide Publishing House that has been the perfect fit for a rising number of aspiring authors, providing them with the platform they need to get their works out to the masses. The internet has made it more accessible than ever for new novelists to find their audience and for avid readers to find new material that suit their tastes. This rapid-fire rise in demand has led to the need for independent publishing houses skyrocketing, and this brand has hit their stride within this developing market.

About the Company.

The brand has proven themselves to be more than capable of providing some of the most invaluable services for their client base. Their services include the Worldwide publication of books on platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple Books, Book Editing, English & Spanish Book Translations, Ghost Writing, and Copyright Registration. Whether a writer has a novel that they want to get published and out to the world or have a concept in mind that they feel they don’t have the skills to execute, this firm can provide them with quality service that was once reserved for old world publishers, such as Random House.

Once the company publishes a client’s novel, they maintain distribution rights, with the copyrights registered to both the author and this company. As each book published by the company features their brand, their services can effectively advertise themselves. They have published nearly 1,000 books since their launch and have recently launched a third key service that provides clients with audiobooks.

As more customers develop an interest in the self-publishing and audiobook markets, the brand predicts that their sales will increase by 30% in 2023. One testament to their incredible rate of growth can be seen in their Average Order Value, which jumped from over $1,980 in 2021 to $2,499 in 2022.

The rate at which they have developed as a business isn’t particularly surprising when looking at the global book publishing market. The industry was valued at $93 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach an astonishing $136.1 billion by 2032. Online retail bookstores have been performing better than ever in recent years thanks to a growing passion for eBooks and digital audiobooks, and the numbers are only climbing with each passing year.

Another factor behind this brand’s breakneck growth rate has been their decision to make their books available worldwide. This has led to a healthy 71% YOY Revenue Growth Rate, alongside 47% YOY SDE Growth. The combination of a strong marketing plan and SEO strategy have boosted them to the number one position on Google searches for Book Publishing, which provides them with a steady influx of paid and organic traffic alike. Not only that, but they have found themselves regularly coming in first place on Google for book publishing searches, showing just how widespread their name has become.

Their growth isn’t likely to slow down in the oncoming years, as there is always an audience to be found for new and captivating novels around the world. The internet has made it far more possible than ever for writers to get their works published and distributed, and self-publishing businesses have only made it even more so. This gives the brand a great evergreen appeal, which is bolstered further by the clever strategies they’ve taken since they were founded.

Worldwide Bilingual Publishing.

For many of their customers, one of their biggest selling points has been their worldwide publishing services, as well as English and Spanish translation services. Their worldwide publishing has drawn in so many sales that it has risen to become their best-selling package, though their English & Spanish translations and new audiobook service have been generating rising profits as well. The brand also offers a package deal that combines ghostwriting services with global publishing, which has also seen a fair amount of attention.

The company has excelled with authors who have written a book, but don’t know what steps to take to get their work officially published. By the end of 2022, they had nearly 450 clients, closely divided between men (55%) and women that mostly fall within the mid-to-high income level range.

Their services have no real seasonality to speak of and are distributed across 7 offerings. Their brand is maintained by a capable and qualified team of independent contractors, letting them effectively enjoy recurring revenues as their reputation spreads among budding authors.


The brand’s operations have been fine-tuned and optimized to the point that the current owner needs a modest 10 hours or less to manage the company. Their general manager handles the bulk of their day-to-day business, and they also employ a sales manager, graphic design manager, copy and content manager, customer service representative, and a sales coordinator and representative to keep the gears turning smoothly.

They also have additional contractors available as needed to work on the book cover and layout, copy editing, proofreading, translations, social media postings and web development.

Every book that the company publishes has a schedule for each department to oversee, and when a book is ready to be published, the employees responsible for handling it contact the author to make sure that everything is properly to their satisfaction.

As everything from services to operations is handled digitally, the brand doesn’t need to worry themselves about maintaining an inventory of books or shipping. They can also be operated from anywhere that the owner pleases, as there are no warehouses or brick-and-mortar offices for this company.

SEM is Key.

The brand combines carefully selected SEO keywords in their website’s metadata and PPC ads on Google to find new customers, with their PPC accounting for 87% of their web traffic. This marketing strategy has served them well, leading to anywhere between 11,000 and 14,300+ unique visitors each month, which, in 2022, translated to over 5,600 conversions with an 8.5% click-through rate. The brand is currently averaging at a respectable 470+ qualified leads every month.

The company has been hard at work launching a new website that will exclusively serve the United States and other English-speaking countries, which is predicted to dramatically increase their revenue. By focusing on these markets, the brand expects that they will be able to close over $6 million in sales throughout 2023.

Their email database, which now has over 12,000 subscribers, could be used to upsell their new audiobook services to existing clients, which will help their Repeat Customer Value increase further.

The brand’s success is tied to author and consumer interest in novels, which doesn’t seem to be tapering off anytime soon. People around the world are constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts that they want to share with an audience, and this company is skilled in helping them get the works to the customers that are interested in sitting down to read them. Their industry is highly evergreen and will stay that way as the digital age provides it with a new influx of opportunities.

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