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Booming eCommerce Retailer that sells Branded, Patriotic Themed Apparel & Accessories


Website Closers® presents a business that has combined love of country with stylishly designed clothing to create a successful eCommerce Business. This business created an exclusive product line of men’s and women’s t-shirts, hats, board shorts, hoodies, and other items, that each fall under their own compelling and patriotic theme. That there is an extraordinarily strong market for these products is now abundantly clear: in just a few years this brand has built up an impressive product line of 300+ SKUs and seen its revenues soar past $6.5 million.

The company balances its sales between Amazon and its own Shopify website, with about 55% of sales coming from Amazon. This thriving brand has built up an incredibly strong base of more than 200,000 customers who are consistently providing them with glowing reviews.

In many instances, those customers specifically mention the appeal of having t-shirts, shorts, and other clothing that reflects their patriotic values, freedom, and support for veterans. The clothing line is known for its simple and memorable style and design with messages that resonate deeply with the brand’s ever-growing core audience.

For a buyer, this is a business that has a solid foundation, is fully automated, and is ideally developed to scale.

When the company was launched five years ago, they focused on the concept of marketing products as a patriotic-themed business. Strategically designing and providing exactly what the market is missing through their extensive industry research, this company has been able to craft SKUs that trend on Amazon to form an unshakable eCommerce giant.

Due to their particularly effective approach, the company was able to continue expanding its line of men’s and women’s apparel, adding leggings, headwear, sweatpants, and accessories such as shaker bottles, back packs, bottle openers, socks, and survival bracelets. The company is constantly looking to identify products that would fit under this brand’s thriving umbrella.

This company also maintains an impressive marketing mix that has proven tremendously lucrative. For their Shopify store, the company employed PPC ads on Google, an affiliate marketing program, and use of SEO keywords to boost traffic. PPC ads were also employed to drive traffic to their Amazon page.

The company has done exceptionally well using their social media marketing to drive organic traffic. In fact, their Facebook page now has more than 300,000 followers, and their Instagram page isn’t far behind with 233,000+ followers. Those sky-high numbers have helped establish this brand as a popular, patriotic-themed e-tailer.

Their customer base has continued to grow steadily and enviably to drive incredible reach and industry standing. The graphic designs featured on their products are made in house and exclusive to this brand. Several items have become top sellers, including their Board Shorts, T-shirts, and Amendment themed products. This market leader now offers 307 active SKUs, which includes multiple sizes for the clothing, with the average order value standing at $64 on their Shopify site and about $35 on their Amazon storefront.

All t-shirts are sourced in the U.S. from local distributors, then sent to local screen printers and packaged and shipped domestically. The company’s leggings and board shorts are sourced from China, then printed and packaged at local printers. With the brand’s patriotic theme, it was decided early on to take a “Made in the USA” approach to all products.

The business carries an excellent demographic mix. While the largest sales come from men between the ages of 18 and 50, their list of women’s merchandise also sells quite well. Even more impressive is the loyalty of their customer base. Repeat buyers making multiple purchases now represent 28% of all orders, and those numbers are growing.

Sales remain consistent throughout the year, with July 4 becoming their “second Christmas” when sales of their patriotic gear soar. Revenues from their board shorts lines also spike in the summer, and all products tend to do exceptionally well around the holidays in November and December.

The operations of this business are smooth and highly efficient. They stock products and use Fulfillment By Amazon for deliveries, while sales on Shopify are shipped directly from the company’s warehouse. Orders are high, up to 100 orders per day, and the company also receives 70 customer service inquiries each day, including an average of 8 daily phone calls.

The business is so fully automated that the owner now works for just one hour in the morning, then places inventory orders later in the day.

The current ownership now employs 10 contractors who handle multiple tasks, including email marketing, PPC ads, videos and photography, SEO and backlinks, inventory and shipping, customer service and web development.

That low volume workload is one benefit to owning this company, but another is the tremendous growth opportunities it now has. The current platform is exceptionally well-established: with the company experiencing 16% YOY growth and 25% net margins, and the brand has successfully conveyed the message that purchasing their products is a way to demonstrate love of one’s country.

A new buyer would find excellent scale opportunities by expanding the product lines even further to introduce entirely new, exclusive SKUs that further diversify what the company is offering. This could include tactical gear, new apparel, and other accessories.

Similarly, the company currently offers its clothing in black, blue, and red, and could expand the color choices.

This brand offers a recently laucned monthly shirt subscription program that has 113 members who pay $20 per month for this service. Recurring revenue streams like this could be expanded to cover the brand’s many other SKUs and drive consistent growth.

Profits could also be increased significantly by introducing a blog on the website that would help drive organic SEO traffic to their website.

The buyer who acquires this company will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the brand’s success in cultivating a large and loyal audience, creating steady revenues and a high percentage of repeat customers, and its creative marketing techniques. Just how far profits go next will be up to the buyer’s own willingness and motivation to watch that revenue grow.

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