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The target business is an amazing opportunity to acquire a fast-growth Internet Company that has built a strong, proprietary BRAND in the Health, Beauty & Wellness categories, as well as the Sports & Fitness category. The company’s focus is primarily via the website channel, but it is ripe for growth on other online channels, as well as at Retail.

The company was founded on the principle of providing all-natural, organic, branded products with a focus on serving the female demographic. The company is a #1 seller of products on Amazon with over 11,000+ reviews across its 15 product categories. Seven (7) of these product categories carry a full 5 star and the other eight (8) categories carry a 4.5 star rating. To achieve that high star rating across thousands of reviews is astonishing and fuels even more sales. This lends credence to how customers receive and appreciate the product lines sold by the company.

Being #1 and dominating categories on Amazon is by itself a valuable asset and somewhat of a barrier to entry for newcomers. However, it goes much deeper when you start to understand what is happening behind the scenes with brand development. As an example, this seller has one of the hottest products in the yoga category. 90% of people who do yoga are women who have more than the usual discretionary income to spend. These same women are usually also into all-natural, healthy, organic products and don’t mind paying extra for products that have these attributes. That is where the cross-sell happens and these same yoga customers are now introduced to the seller’s line of organic bar soaps, bath salts, body scrubs and other health and beauty products. Additionally, just by having this #1 seller in the yoga category, a buyer can leverage this to introduce and sell other products in the lucrative yoga space.

The company’s products are generally high margin in nature and most have very loyal customers – many of which are repeat customers. This following makes it easier to rank and gain reviews of new products brought to market by exposing these current customers to other products in the categories served by the company.

With several products currently identified as a BEST SELLER and/or an AMAZON’S CHOICE on the Amazon Platform, this business is scaling fast and ready for the next step. This eCommerce company sells a broad array of products, from Aromatherapy mists, to Yoga Mat cleaners, to anti-aging serums and face masks. The company has a wide mix of products in multiple categories that helps to alleviate cash flow disruptions often caused by seasonality. The company has also become a member of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, and in a very short amount of time, it has amassed thousands of subscribers. This recurring revenue piece is projected to exponentially increase as time passes, and will be a highly valuable asset of this company in time.

This exciting, high growth Internet Company continues to show amazing results, month over month. The company utilizes Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon Multi-Channel program to ship products among all platforms. Therefore, there is no need for an expensive warehouses move – this highly relocatable company can be operated from anywhere there is an Internet Connection.

The seller is currently scaling by introducing new products and expanding to other Sales Channels, including Wal-Mart and Ebay. Amazon international is untapped and ready to be exploited as well. The value propositions for this company are very clear:

– A Branded product Line that provides Amazon Sellers with the ability to be present on the Amazon Brand Registry to avoid Buy Box and ASIN competition

– A Subscribe & Save program that has thousands subscribers, and growing

– High Profit Margin product lines

– Command and control of the company’s proprietary product lines and brand

– Massive scale opportunities, including adding additional products, expand internationally and adding more traditional sales channels.

– A network of Affiliates could be added to sell the products

– The products could also be sold to distributors and other retailers at wholesale.

This company has everything smart entrepreneurs, investors and lenders are looking for in an M&A opportunity: High Growth, Proprietary Product Lines, #1 Best Sellers within the Product Mix, Highly Scalable, Recurring Revenue and Clean Numbers.

This eCommerce Business Represented by:
Tech & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 4,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,205,023
Gross Income
$ 4,300,045
Year Established

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