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The target is branded consumer products eCommerce Retailer with product offerings in the Arts & Crafts Space, catering to multiple specific niches in the segment, such as pen & ink, watercolor, marker art and more. This Internet Company offers a laser-focused lineup of 30 SKUs covering all primary implements of the hobby and comes complete with website tutorial content on demand, which is available to the customer base at any time.

Currently enjoying 250% YOY growth, an average ticket value of $18.00 on its own eCommerce storefront, and a leading Marker SKU having earned an Amazon’s Choice Badge – this niche retailer is fully developed and a very potent performer in a trending segment. The foundation of the company has been laid for a buyer to enjoy the ongoing cash flow of the current SKUs while expanding the lineup both on the current sales channels as well as on other channels, both in the US and abroad.

With clean books and records and an attractive 250% YOY growth rate, this niche eCommerce company will do well in front of our Lending Partners – where qualified buyers can acquire a company like this for as little as 10% down!

Situated comfortably on a 100% 3PL fulfillment platform offering an incomparably easy-to-learn Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) back end, little to no physical overhead or human capital is required – all inventory is stored, picked, packed and shipped by Amazon. Due to this model, management is free to focus on growing the business without getting bogged down in day to day operations; a pipeline of new product R&D is already front loaded as well, making this a true turn key acquisition.

This eCommerce company offers a wealth of available avenues toward scale – branching out to international markets with Amazon, implementing a strong SEO and Social Media marketing strategy, tapping into direct email campaigns with an existing database of 4,000 opt-in subscribers, and expanding the product line to include additional SKUs, this retailer is primed and ready to dominate it’s many trending verticals both on and off Amazon.

This eCommerce Retailer Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 625,000
Cash Flow
$ 181,406
Gross Income
$ 715,790
Year Established

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