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The target is a high growth tech company offering a large array of unique, branded all-in-one battery backup cell phone cases for all major cell phone companies. These products are doing quite well on the Amazon Platform where all products are sold using the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) logistics method whereby consumers can receive their products via same day, 1-day or 2-day shipping.

This eCommerce Retailer’s products offer a specialised smart phone battery and case-in-one accessory that both protects the phone and vastly extends its operating life between charges. Selling primarily on Amazon for all major smartphone models, this brand also shows very well via its sterling DTC website presentation. The business has realised 68% YOY growth and minimal OPEX on a $37 average ticket price thanks in no small part to a highly fluid, hands-off operations model

Currently employing robust Amazon and social paid media campaigns to stay in the lead, this business has found a consistent system for staying ahead of the pack in its category – the company’s Amazon storefront receives a large volume of daily traffic due to the paid and organic traffic efforts. As for growth, the company hasn’t scratched the surface of where it can go from here – besides the continual growth the product line is likely to see just from Amazon’s growth alone, adding additional SKUs in the same and adjacent categories would be a wise first growth initiative. Adding an SEM campaign for the company’s website would be another growth initiative, along with the usual opportunities that come with brands that do well on the Amazon platform, including affiliate and influencer outreach, additional online marketplaces like Walmart and eBay, locating a distributor to begin promoting the product on retail shelves, and more.

Highly automated with fully outsourced labor, ownership oversees operations a few hours weekly – no physical warehouse or office footprint is needed thanks to the completely remote fulfilment model, and no segment or eCommerce specific experience is required – current ownership is offering a comprehensive and full transition training package, a complete 2 year business plan, and assistance in launching new SKUs after closing.

Offering a proprietary lineup of broad-appeal Consumer Electronic goods at perfect price points, this branded retailer is in a vertical almost entirely to itself via a smartly polished brand that has captured an effective buyer base with a product not found anywhere else – priced to sell and offering transition training not frequently seen in this size of acquisition, this is a huge bargain for almost any buyer.

This Amazon FBA Business Represented by:

Website Closers
Tech & Internet M&A Intermediaries
Reviews Available

Asking Price
$ 345,000
Cash Flow
$ 95,037
Gross Income
$ 397,769
Year Established

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