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This exciting eCommerce company is a fast-moving, bleeding-edge opportunity in the world of broad-spectrum, low-to-medium ticket impulse purchases in the consumer electronics portability segment. This company is growing at a clip of 400% year-over-year since inception. Covering the broad and diversified CE mobile adapter charging & power compatibility slice of the CE market, this eCommerce company identifies a wide array of trendy, broadly applicable merchandise, both branded and non-branded, with new SKUs added routinely to keep a rotating and fresh line of products in front of the consumer – the company features over 6,000 listings currently across 30+ product lines, with more to come.

With the bulk of its SKUs sold under an in-house branded name, which is broadly applicable to consumer core products already in the hands of the browsing buyer (such as cell phones, tablets, and more) – this Internet Company utilizes a unique Amazon & eBay zero-cost advertising model that allows its base of 10,000+ loyal & registered buyers early access to new products, assuring legitimate and genuine product reviews out the gate for future buyers to work with on product expansion. This alone is a huge value proposition for this company.

Featuring a low-maintenance business model with sales the Amazon & eBay platforms, with 95% of inventory carried on-hand, requiring only nominal overhead, this web company is the very definition of the new generation high-volume consumer goods E-Commerce business. No longer are product lines static and chosen by a buyer behind a desk; today, the buyers speak for themselves by way of Amazon and eBay. This business is leading the charge toward crowd-driven product mix with its dynamic assortment model putting forward those SKUs & product types that see the most play, ensuring dynamically capitalized trends over time in the highly fluid consumer lifestyle goods market.

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Asking Price
$ 485,000
Cash Flow
$ 179,000
Gross Income
$ 618,000
Year Established

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