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This BRANDED, PROPRIETARY eCommerce Retailer offers IP-based video / content hardware and software (mobile & built-in) delivery systems that allows consumers free streaming access to thousands of HD channels normally accessible only with cable or satellite subscriptions. This company’s products also offer app functionality, enabling the user to download and utilize paid content delivery apps such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many more.

Products offered by this company are Android TV Boxes that provide users the ability to stream internet content. Users can stream 700+ live HD channels including HBO, Showtime, PPV, all Network TV Channels, Sports and local channels. There is a TV guide and no monthly fees. Users can also access any movie, TV show, in theater movie, sports, music, etc. All the apps are set to automatically update, so if there is a new episode within hours of airing, it’s available to watch on demand.

While most streaming providers in the on-demand content space focus on subscription and content-based models, this high-margin destination purchase based platform is realizing 81% Year Over Year Growth with its hardware-based SKU lineup that offers a massive value proposition to customers, thanks to the company’s valuable content delivery contracts with digital suppliers feeding its architecture. These contracts provide a broad selection of HD channels at a minimal cost of licensing to the business, and free to the customer after purchasing the core product.

This eCommerce Company is a fairly unique model – very little inventory of the branded hardware is maintained, and it is entirely digital; this means total flexibility in location and almost no overhead. OPEX is exceptionally low, consisting almost entirely of fixed expenses, meaning scale potential is immense.

Offering a branded product featuring a proprietary user interface with a healthy value proposition in a market that has been tracked at a growth rate of 200% in size annually, this is solid opportunity to jump into a segment ripe with potential – highly desirable as a platform or bolt-on in the streaming space, this is a turn-key platform that is not to be missed in 2018.

This Technology Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 125,000
Cash Flow
$ 147,000
Gross Income
$ 328,155
Year Established