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The target is coming to market during a large upswing in sales in an online retail segment that is exploding with both year over year and month over month growth.

The business is expanding, not only its current category of products (primarily lingerie and waist training), but also into adjacent categories. This internet Company has sourced a fully branded line of products and does not sell other brands. Its focus is 100% on building its own brand and its own dot com and does not currently sell on Amazon. The Company has perfected a marketing strategy that is driving massive amounts of traffic and sales to its site. With over 180,000 people following on social media, an email database of over 170,000, and a daily advertising audience of over 65 million, this Company is an unbelievable platform for driving sales and launching new products.

The Company has just touched the surface of scale. Because it currently does not sell on Amazon, there are a number of sales channels immediately available to an acquiring entity. First and foremost, the Company can launch on Amazon, expanding to domestic and international markets using Amazon’s power and its worldwide warehousing. It can also open up wholesale lines to distributors and brick and mortar shops, expand its affiliate base, and expand product lines in both the current and adjacent categories.

The products currently sold by this company include waist and body trainers, maternity wear, gym and workout gear, swimwear, dresses, shaping leggings, gym tech and more. All of the products sold by this company are focused on helping men and women look and feel better about their bodies, an evergreen need that will always be present given the massive growth of diet and fitness related products over the last 20 years.

This business has four performance factors that make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd:
1. Scale: Immediate opportunity to quickly increase sales via
2. Branding: Selling branded product lines increases overall margins.
3. Growth: Even though this company is growing, its scale opportunities offer it the ability to grow even more aggressively for many years to come.
4. Market Depth: The company has an unrivaled email database, social media following and advertising penetration that can be used to launch additional products.

This business represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 3,995,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,185,000
Gross Income
$ 2,660,001
Year Established

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