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This eCommerce retailer is a well-established target internationally offering over 1,500 SKUs in the Men’s and Women’s Hat and Headwear Segment to three different markets across three highly-polished, organically-ranked websites. The hats offered by this company include Women’s Hats, Men’s Hats, Fascinators, Kentucky Derby Hats, Church Hats and Special Hats & Accessories.

It boasts an excellent average ticket price at $250 per sale, and enjoys a steady stream of repeat business thanks to just under 8,000 social followers and reliable organic traffic augmented by in-house content management and other target marketing efforts.

The headwear market in specific is a rarified vertical in today’s fashion industry, seeing typically very few – but historically reliable – demographics propping it up over time; church-goers, polo players and racing fashionistas alike. All 3 of these sectors are big spender niches, demanding the finest and most unique fashions – these are not discount fashion shoppers, and margins reflect this, making this a space that both demonstrates longevity and clearly indicates that there is market share left on the table for the taking.

Currently catering to the UK, US and Australian markets, this potent retailer has achieved profitable growth since inception with minimal investment, and without tapping what is perhaps the single largest, and most lucrative, avenue for exceptional scale in this space –

With new ownership, this high-fashion retailer is in a perfect position to maximize potential with the addition of an Amazon storefront and FBA fulfillment, which will enable scale with little to no investment in the hands of almost any buyer.

This eCommerce Website Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 75,000
Cash Flow
$ 58,164
Gross Income
$ 92,657
Year Established

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