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Branded Gymnastics Subscription Box with 60% Repeat Customer Base | Rapid Growth YOY | RMR Model


The target is a Branded, Recurring Revenue Subscription Box-based eCommerce Retailer offering Gymnastics-themed subscription boxes geared toward parents and relatives buying for the budding gymnast. Catering specifically to children and young gymnasts, these subscription boxes are designed with a themed leotard as the destination purchase, garnished with smaller impulse buy items procured to suit the theme. These themed boxes are convenient, quick, and an excellent value for beginning and intermediate gymnasts, themed also for use as birthday gifts bundles. This seasoned brand sees as many as 12,000 visitors to its two eCommerce websites monthly, yielding a $42 average ticket value with a massively positive 60% repeat customer rate. Grown from the start in a hugely social niche on organic traffic alone, and thanks to a solidly automated foundation laid by current ownership, this company’s future is bright and is a unique opportunity that is only available once in a lifetime.

This Internet Business offers three individual subscription plans to suit any type of customer, nine flavors of one-time purchase boxes, and 44 gymnastics-themed individually available products including custom t-shirts, and many more. This wide variety allows ownership to beat any seasonal lull while still only asking part-time hours for workload. All items are currently stocked and shipped in-house, but thanks to their infinitesimal footprint, require no actual warehousing footprint. Design and branding have already been established as well as supplier contract relationships allowing new ownership to streamline operations and fulfillment and increase product line expansion and brand differentiation to be exceptionally straightforward.

This fairly unique retailer has grown expediently with consistent year over year sales scale and has yet to even tap into the most salient channel in this space, Amazon. Expanding to Amazon and additional marketplaces like eBay and Pinterest are prime opportunities that can easily double sales with just the touch of a button.

Thanks to its superior packaging and presentation, this branded line is a perfect candidate for easy and expedient growth allowing ownership to easily create successful email marketing campaigns along with scaling to affiliate marketing and implementing efficient marketing strategies including SEO, online influencers, YouTube, and Google AdWords just to name a few. With minimal competition in the subscription box niche, this business is truly a unique opportunity in a consistently trending segment that can easily realize high ROI on day one with even the most tacit investment.


This Subscription Box Brand Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Internet M&A

Asking Price
$ 167,500
Cash Flow
$ 67,372
Gross Income
$ 181,565
Year Established