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The target is a Branded, Handcrafted Jewelry Manufacturer and eCommerce Retailer, offering over 130 proprietary, domestically-sourced, designed and crafted rings and other jewelry items, all made with eco-conscious materials, processes and low-impact footprint from head to toe. This bespoke eCommerce jewelry sells direct to customers from its highly polished Shopify website, where it draws anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 monthly visitors and clocks in with an average ticket order of $48, nicely straddling what would typically be considered the gray area in price point between a high-velocity impulse buy, and a more carefully considered destination purchase. Thanks to a robust digital marketing strategy, this brand exerts a strong online and social presence on all major channels, including an email list of over 44,000 contacts.

With nearly zero working capital requirements and a highly efficient, 100% dropship model in place, this is a turn-key fashion retail opportunity in every way. Current ownership utilizes remote fulfillment for all shipping and storage needs, meaning almost zero physical overhead is required. A highly efficient and minimal team is already in place running the day-to-day operations, meaning little workload is asked of ownership – in addition, top-grade vendor contracts for quality material sourcing extending favorable credit terms are well established, diminishing risk factors in a big way and setting new ownership up for success moving forward in the future with product line expansion. Thanks to this well-rounded underpinning, literally no industry-specific knowledge will be required to take the wheel and see real, measurable ROI on day one, with a smooth transition offered by a very flexible seller.

Already a success story selling DTC alone, this brand is aching to be taken to new heights with sales channel expansion into Amazon, Pinterest, Etsy and other highly salient jewelry/fashion venues – and thanks to an agile sourcing and fulfillment model, pivoting the business to new storefronts will be a natural and painless choice for any new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 450,000
Cash Flow
$ 209,585
Gross Income
$ 1,339,115
Year Established

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