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The target represents one of the most unique investment opportunities yet to present itself – a diversified eCommerce Company retailing its fully branded home goods products (focused primarily around cooking and kitchen verticals, among others) via Amazon and both, and featuring 5-Star 100% positive reviews in addition to a highly fluid 100% Amazon FBA platform.

Thanks to this long-sighted approach to the construction of the corporation since day one, the FBA fulfillment platform with primary eCommerce channels Amazon & WalMart combine to form a perfect storm of zero-overhead, low maintenance profitability with consumer and commercial level opportunities ripe for the picking.

Featuring two branded lines of products, this company captures two trending markets – kitchen & home goods for the consumer level, as well as consumer and commercial grade, artificial grass doormat/duty mat products that are unique in their space with no direct competitors. Keen to capitalize on the holistic and natural approach to fatigue management observed today throughout the commercial and consumer markets alike, one line in particular offers new ownership the opportunity to attack an untapped commercial retail ergonomics product market with a unique and innovative product that has already caught on in the consumer space, and doubtless will carve out a generous market share of its own elsewhere.

All this complements an absolute minimum of customer service interaction, with the bulk of CSR duties assumed by Amazon through their FBA program – this business is fueled and ready for takeoff in the hands of its new owner – where you take this primed opportunity from here is limited only by your imagination.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 675,000
Cash Flow
$ 150,000
Gross Income
$ 505,228
Year Established

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