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book under light

The target is a fully branded LED Lighting company with its primary sales channel as an eCommerce Internet Retailer. The company’s products are niche and centered squarely on consumer LED products, specifically universally applicable SKUs such as headlamps, and its Amazon Best-Seller and segment leader on Amazon – the LED book lamp.

Shipping 100% FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) and owning almost an entire selling category (Book Lamps) on, this business represents a red hot opportunity to take control of an Amazon category at a hugely attractive and fast-moving average ticket price per product.

Featuring a small, tight lineup of products sold on both its 5-Star Amazon storefront and easy to navigate, Amazon-funneled dot com storefront, the brand has surgically trimmed 100% of the fat right out of the online eCommerce retail model and left no stone unturned in optimizing expenses, maximizing profits, and ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business, all under one recognizable brand name, on the single most salient retail platform today.

With the global market for illumination products moving swiftly into utilizing LEDs for nearly every application from flashlights to the dashboards of multi-billion dollar aircraft, this corporation has read the writing on the wall, and struck gold by being the first to market with rechargeable 4-LED book lamps wrapped up into a small, user-friendly, affordable and high quality package.

Featuring clean books and highly desirable exclusive supplier relationships in-place – and ensuring quality standards are met with close to zero overhead and one full-time equivalent employee count – this Internet Company is a home-run opportunity for absolutely any buyer – it is the model citizen acquisition of 2017, checking every box with no exceptions; this modernized, optimized and currently growing brand will scale rapidly in the years to come as the planet migrates fully into LED use for literally every application over time – consumer and commercial both.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 1,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 536,300
Gross Income
$ 1,340,400
Year Established

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