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The target is a branded consumer products company that sells technology accessory products – primarily cell phone cases, Apple Watch cases, and selfie sticks. All products sold by the company are sold under the company’s brand name and are designed to be lightweight, yet protective, and appeal to the large market of cell phone users.

This eCommerce company sells all products on, leaving the amazing opportunity for an acquirer to expand the company in a number of different directions. The Internet Company sells its products at retail, direct to consumer via a fully branded, 5-star Amazon Seller Central Account. The company primarily operates in the currently growing, and highly reliable, consumer electronics accessories market – with consumer electronics accessories such as phone cases and other peripherals featured as its primary offering. Given the importance of smart phones and tablets to all of us know, these products have become evergreen in nature.

This business requires no warehousing because it operates via a 100% FBA model. Ownership usually maintains about $8,000 of inventory stocked by Amazon, ready to ship. The company requires a very low level of working capital both in terms of advertising and inventory overhead and the owner is able to spend a minimal amount of time weekly, primarily facilitating customer service communications as well as seasonal traffic spikes, such as the holiday season.

Featuring a 100% proprietary and branded product line, this company is able to profitably and successfully differentiate itself against the competition by offering product lines available nowhere else, and maintaining a tight SKU lineup enabling it to adeptly suit each new device on release with absolutely minimal overhead.

With almost $50,000 in operating cash flow, this Internet Business is a great opportunity for a stay at home mom or dad, or anybody that would like to get started in eCommerce. And for the right buyer, this business may qualify for an SBA microloan, which would allow a buyer to purchase this business for as little as 10% down!

This Internet Business is Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 95,000
Cash Flow
$ 35,000
Gross Income
$ 262,501
Year Established

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