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The target is an Organic Cosmetics eCommerce Retailer in the ever-trending Skin Care and Makeup space, offering organic, natural, and established cosmetic formulas catering primarily to female consumers with sensitive skin or mineral allergies, as well as the ever-increasing market for ingredient conscious consumers.

A key value driver for this retailer is the fact that the company’s product formulas are uniquely crafted (with some made in-house to maximize quality and margin) to meet the specific needs of the sensitive skin audience. This one-of-a-kind brand has achieved major network television appearances, including CBS’ The Doctor’s; has gleaned accolades by NBC; earned a feature spread in an issue of Austin Woman’s magazine; and other such accomplishments. This well-traveled International Brand offers a respected and well established image with consistent sales and revenue growth, strong customer reviews and endorsements, and a Repeat Customer Rate of 45 Percent in 2018 and 65% so far in 2019!! The company has yet to offer its products on channels other than its website, like, but Amazon is a massive, near term growth opportunity that just hasn’t been the focus of ownership. This is a polished package that is in a great position to blossom within a trending segment for almost any buyer type.

As an additional value driver for this business, it can be acquired for as little as 10% down with a full decade-long amortization period (for qualified buyers) through our lending partners at Website Closers, which means the return on investment for this super high margin business can be in months, not years.

Offering a diversified line-up of 60 core products (350 total SKUs accounting for variations), this cosmetic brand fulfills out of their own stock and warehouse and ships to both the US domestic market and most international markets (though expansion into the not-yet-permeated EU market is likely a large growth opportunity). In addition to in-house or outsourced fulfillment, both of which the current owners have experienced and thrived in, all other responsibilities within the business can be handled remotely, asking only minimal hours of ownership to oversee operations and ensure a quality process, currently dictated by top-notch, well-constructed standard operating procedures.

This brand offers considerable growth opportunity and potential on the marketing side of the house, including a comprehensive paid advertising campaign with matching social campaigns to increase visibility, SEM and email efforts, creating a subscription program along with recurring box programs, ramped-up affiliate relations, or even expanding into big-box retail – the sky is the limit for this already meteoric performer.

Featuring exclusive and well-established supplier relationships, this is a well-organized profit center offering an easy transition for buyers of almost any skill level, regardless of their familiarity with the natural cosmetics market, thanks to a tidy business model, multiple niche domination, and straightforward platform.

This Consumer Products Company Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Website Business Brokers
Reviews Available Upon Request

Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 332,325
Gross Income
$ 503,912
Year Established