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The target is a growing consumer products brand in the evergreen, consistently trending Pet Products category, focusing on a wide variety of automotive seat protection products for dogs and cats. The brand features a healthy blend of retail sales via Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and a booming wholesale business with

Boasting a fully trademarked brand, a design patent and proprietary product manufacturing, this is a red-hot opportunity in a growing vertical that is primed and ready for new ownership to step in and hit the ground running with massive scale potential built-in to the impeccable eCommerce & Wholesale foundation its founders have built.

The books and records of this business appear clean, making it a great opportunity for a qualified buyer to use a Website Closers Lending Partner to buy this business for as little as 10% down, amortized over an entire decade. Such a lending scenario allows a buyer to get into a business like this with over $600,000 in profits (and growing) with as little as $235,000 down, making the ROI on this business around 6 months.

Boasting multiple Amazon’s Choice SKUs, solid five-star feedback and multiple sales channels (Amazon, Wholesale, DTC Website), this line of products has earned a customer following and brand reputation for top quality in its segment. Products are manufactured exclusively for the business, furnishing a comprehensive yet still tight and agile line of 73 SKUs all supplied primarily FBA to allow for exceptionally low overhead and maximum flexibility in operations and OPEX. A new line of premium products was launched with huge success in late summer 2018 and this offers a unique position in the marketplace with higher price points and margins.

Competing in a vertical that typically sees high barriers to entry and fierce brand competition, this company’s trade name is a recognized, known and trusted brand in the industry, giving a new owner a solid foundation to use the goodwill of the brand to extend into adjacent verticals within the Pet Segment. New ownership will have a large number of additional opportunities to scale, including through international expansion, brick & mortar retail, and affiliate sales diversification.

The sky is the limit with this heavily leveraged proprietary retailer; whether you choose to reap the benefits of international expansion, or continue to cash in on the sterling brand recognition, the road to success with this business has been paved, mapped and made ready for any new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 2,350,000
Cash Flow
$ 606,742
Gross Income
$ 1,865,122
Year Established