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This exciting, Branded Consumer Product Internet Company has developed, through manufacturing iteration, a highly proprietary assortment of products in the Fitness Gear Category. Products include Cell Phone Armbands, Exercise Resistance Bands and Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Headphones, including a number of options of each. The Cell Phone Arm Bands are specially manufactured to perfectly fit each new cell phone that comes on the market.

This company has clean books and records, and can be purchased for as little as 10% down for qualified buyers. Our firm has close industry ties with many Preferred SBA Lenders in the country, having provided them with millions in loans to date. We will not only connect a buyer and a bank together to complete a transaction, but we can also assist with the lending prep and execution process to ensure that the transaction is completed through a 7A SBA Loan backed by the US Government.

This company is scaling and has proven itself capable of further scale for many years to come. Using a laser guided, rather than shotgun, approach to product choices, as well as to the marketing of the products they sell, they have been able to maximize margins through volume, focusing all of their energy on ranking fewer products. All around, the Founders have created a solid foundation that is ready to catapult a new buyer through new product launches and sales channel expansion.

Their primary sales channel since inception has been, where the Founders opted to start in order to maximize the amount of traffic that sees the brand on a daily basis. With over 60% of online consumer products searches starting at Amazon, it has proven to be a very wise choice. The company also has its own eCommerce website, which has allowed them to both bring awareness to the brand and to generate a significant amount of growth. All products are sold via eCommerce at the moment, but there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for this brand to be sold through other eCommerce and offline retail channels, through various distribution channels, and Internationally via Amazon’s sprawling FBA warehousing platform.

With 18 SKUs currently offered for sale, and Amazon Best Seller tags, the company is one of the strongest sellers in its respective categories. The company utilizes Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon program to ship products so there is no need for an expensive warehouse move – this highly relocatable company can be operated from anywhere there is an Internet Connection with no need for expensive buildings to house goods because the inventory is already stored at Amazon.

Having the ability to acquire a high growth Internet Company in the Fitness Gear category is a great opportunity and has everything smart entrepreneurs are looking for in an M&A opportunity: High Growth, Branded Products, #1 Best Sellers within the Product Mix, Highly Scalable, Recurring Revenue and Clean Numbers.

This Amazon FBA Business Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 4,175,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,013,634
Gross Income
$ 3,727,521
Year Established

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